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Synonyms for spatula-shaped

(of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a narrow base


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C Their feet are covered with spatula-shaped hairs that can get so close to a surface that they stick.
Florida's giant manatees are curiously gentle sea creatures -- whiskered, slow moving, and blubbery, with spatula-shaped tails, fingernailtipped flippers, and thick gray skin.
Paddlefish are born without the distinctive spatula-shaped snouts and are toothy carnivores when young.
Consider this cover with the sunny-side-up egg on a spatula-shaped frying pan with a UPC code.
The spatula-shaped cars aren't what we currently consider aesthetically pleasing, but fashion is known to change.
Sauropods couldn't chew, having no back teeth to grind with, so many species are thought to have used small peg or spatula-shaped teeth to rake and slice fern leaves.