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Beyond the immediate field, however, the volume also contributes to theoretical and political discussions around central issues within ethnographic research, such as spatiality, temporality, positionality and difference.
Further considerations of spatiality outside of the field of geography, in this case, in higher education research are needed.
Ambient text, social space, space of flows, spatiality, materiality, linguistic landscape
Lefebvre's theory of spatiality famously proposed that space itself is socially produced, in what Edward Soja referred to as a "trialectical" process involving the interplay between direct experience, institutionalized representations, and the self-made (or lived) representations of individuals.
14) Still, taking into account the analysis developed in the previous section, we could ask whether the awakening of sadistic feelings and attitudes (contrary to the Christian spirit) in the Mother Superior Sainte-Christine and the sisters of the convent of Longchamp can be uniquely explained with reference to the milieu (the sadistic spatiality mentioned above) or whether there is an element peculiar to religious practice which may favor the emergence of sadistic behaviors.
In London postwar conceptions of spatiality and power reflected "a British Empire willingly in retreat" (130), whereas the Americans expanded unevenly and less strategically to "fill distant, residual spaces vacated throughout the postwar world by defeated Axis enemies and imploded empires" (2).
Sections 4 and 5 move away from spatiality and into temporality, with Section 4 specifically engaging with the (re)placement of individual bodies in a hardware dominated moment in history to create an updated conception of real and artificial life, while Section 5 functions as a conclusion in the form of an open-ended premonition about the future of new media arts--one that can, in many ways, be anticipated by re-examining (reliving) history itself.
Following the literary and historical contextualisation of the novel, a theoretical overview is provided that sketches existing research on Agaat, the concepts of Critical Spatiality, Thirding-as-Othering, and the body in space.
Her research focuses on the development of short story criticism with an emphasis on aspects of spatiality and human experience in Middle Eastern, Latin American, and North American stories.
On the other, it led to means and modes of articulation that came to be defined by the territoriality and spatiality of the Internet.
53) The nature of rural spatiality, the high diversity of acquaintanceship it begets, and associated lack of anonymity are other common themes that can have profound consequences for rural livelihoods and the justice systems that serve them.
It is true that all memories have a temporal and spatial dimension but, as Trigg points out, that doesn't mean that spatiality becomes a defining factor for memory (53).
In the latter sense, space and the relationship of subjects to their spatiality has established the city as an agent that dialogues with both broader and intimate processes.
The exhibit is strongest when exploring possibilities of spatiality and perceptions of depth, qualities well delved into by Andrea Belag.
The new framework is necessary they argue, because the existing notion of "policing is inadequate to describe the temporality, spatiality, complexity, and diversity of social control tactics" they witnessed (p.