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The spatial is therefore social (Massey 1985) which is why"to be alive is to participate in the social production of space, to shape and be shaped by a constantly evolving spatiality which constitutes and concretizes social action and relationship" (Soja 1985, 90).
Space is incumbent in the most "primitive consciousness", and the concept of spatiality develops and becomes more refined through the development of a person's "reflexive awareness" as that person sees and perceives the world (Greene 378).
His ekphrasis thus problematizes traditional recognition of a chronological time frame by emphasizing stillness that draws attention to spatiality in opposition to temporality.
They seek, instead, to interrogate the spatiality and architectural/geographic formations of these processes as key dialoguing agents in the critical examination of local and disenfranchised subjectivities, and of failed projects of modernity that have only succeeded in creating a permanent and growing global underclass.
The play on spatiality, on looking up at down, subtly develops the class struggle--a triangulation of desire involving the grieving mother, the paperhanger, and the missing child that propels the action throughout the story.
Since geometric relationships rest upon the spatiality made possible by these archetypal elements, the philosopher can account for the possibility of geometric intuition through his own intellectual intuition.
For Poole, the spatiality of the theater--its staging of characters moving through the world--offered an area for the representation of these competing physical and imaginative experiences.
More problematically, its use creates the twin dangers of an arbitrary simplification of instances in which spatiality is manifold in its functions, and an overly restrictive general methodology in which the taxonomizing drive marginalizes the possibility of setting spatiality in relation to other concepts or modes of discourse.
Manzanas and Benito re-evaluate spatiality and the normative violence when exercised against those considered as nomads in society.
While it is unfair to expect popular histories to delve into theoretical problems concerning spatiality and community, it would have been beneficial to jettison much of the historiographical detail and instead include at least some explanation of what was meant by terms like community, exclusion and, even, upper streets.
This paper aims to systematically depict the main types of spatiality, as well as analysing how the use of spatiality can aid in the creation of ideological hegemony, of social homogeneity and, ultimately, of a distinct teleological narrative which may legitimize communities as well as modern ideocratic regimes.
The added surfaces allowed the museum to host facilities that were lacking and offer modern spatiality integrated into the ancient architecture of the Bey's Palace which hosts the museum so as to showcase a rich and varied museum collection thanks to modern lighting techniques in line with international standards.
The ekphrastic language by describing the spatiality and visuality is transforming the transparent and clear verbal window to the opaque media, which use the description for becoming the "corporeality", the obviousness, which is specific for the visual phenomenon.
Consideration of the spatiality of punk shows illustrates the ways in which spaces can simultaneously offer contradictory and negotiable opportunities for empowerment and resistance, acceptance and exclusion.
Internet, New Media Technologies, and the Problem of Spatiality