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Though more research is needed on contemporary landscapes and related users' semantics, and their adaption to data platforms and technical tools, these knowledge bases form valid content for a controlled vocabulary for the semantic implementation of topography ODE Programming logical reasoning for spatial relation predicates remains a major challenge for applying spatial relation in triples.
This seems to be more likely for default spatial relations between figure and ground than for unexpected relations.
Instead, we argue that when TID signers do use simultaneous constructions (as in Example (12) below), it is to indicate a specific, nondefault, spatial relation between Figure and Ground.
A set of spatial relations are used based on the theory of space and time developed in a series of papers.
By augmenting the primary DSFR/mailbox association with the spatial relation information associated with second-order associations, it is often possible to refine the position of features.
Spatial relations are mapped on the background knowledge on systems of qualitative spatial reasoning [18,19,20].
A qualitative location (QL) in this paper refers to the reference of spatial locations using qualitative descriptions and/or qualitative spatial relations with other geo-referenced features.
46) The description returns to her ornaments, a pin of three pearls, a collar of gold, and their spatial relation to her neck, garments, and breasts.
The problem is that hypertext--still seen by many as the silver bullet that will finally shatter the inherent linearity of narrative--is, in fact, the most linear form of all, because it actualizes relationships between different moments of a text in the form of a link, essentially flattening its figural play into a spatial relation, turning it into visual design.
Any spatial relation and material form one might still experience outside the registers of overproduction and electronic digitalization will now appear as an abandoned zone, a zone of remnant objects and leftover spaces, rather than as elementary givens from which new spatial parameters and object relations could be configured.
MDCT has excellent spatial resolution for detecting the origin and course of a coronary anomalous vessel and provides high-resolution three-dimensional data sets that allow precise definition of spatial relations of the anomalies (5).
Typological research has shown variations in expressions of spatial relations and commonalities, such as the use of adpositions/positionals, types of reference frames involved, and segmentation of event frames (Levinson 2003, Levinson and Wilkins 2006, Bohnemeyer et al.
The exploration of the neural bases will contribute to clarify the controversial role of frames of reference and spatial relations in neuronal networks supporting perception- and/or action-oriented tasks.
On Ancient Grammars of Space: Linguistic Research on the Expression of Spatial Relations and Motion in Ancient Languages
It is somewhat customary in urban studies to recall Henri Lefebvre's work while analyzing spatial relations (Kipfer et al.
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