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  • noun

Synonyms for spate

Synonyms for spate

a sudden or rapid flowing outward

something suggestive of running water

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

Synonyms for spate

a sudden forceful flow

the occurrence of a water flow resulting from sudden rain or melting snow


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The NMDS ordination showed that macroinvertebrate community composition was distinctly different between riffles and pools before the spate, but overlapped after the spate (Fig.
In an ordinary spate, most of them manage to hunker down in calmer spots away from the main current or under rocks, well away from danger.
We offer a mix of a best-of-breed product for the growing SMB and mid-sized enterprise markets, coupled with a 100 percent channel focused approach," said Spate.
One of the worst spates of thefts has occurred on the Llyn Peninsula and Anglesey.
Recent years have seen a spate of bestselling books praising and condemning modern popes--some of them giving the papacy credit for ending the Cold War and bringing the church into the third millennium, some of them blaming popes for collaborating with the Holocaust and attempting to drag the church back into a medieval past.
The spousal spate not only endangers Pitta's political aspirations but it threatens plans to refinance the city's multibillion-dollar debt.
With this year's spate of program withdrawals, the market has begun to sort itself out between those committed to the long-term advantages and opportunities inherent in this new means of benefits delivery and those vendors unwilling or unable to make the commitment to meeting employer demand for effective, proven programs," the IBI's report says.
The recent spate of merger mania in the banking industry has often hit minority communities the hardest, forcing residents to look elsewhere for their banking and financial needs as bank branches close.
Instead of listing coho salmon in central and northern Oregon under the Endangered Species Act - which would entail a spate of regulations on fishing and logging - CSRI seeks to restore the once-bountiful fish to productive and sustainable levels through proactive, local measures.
Profusely illustrated and clearly written, the book is an important addition to the spate of books about skyscrapers that have emphasised the importance of architects and architecture in shaping our cities.
There is little to be gained, perhaps nothing, Kluger argues, by "hand-wringing" and "demonizing" and pursuing the tobacco companies through the courts--because they always win and will probably survive the current, and most challenging, spate of class actions and state lawsuits.
A WARNING has been issued by police after a spate of burglaries in Billingham and Norton Cleveland Police are asking residents to heed their advice as the evenings close in during the winter months.
TWO men have been arrested and charged after a spate of burglaries and thefts from cars in the Barry and Penarth areas.
It is the latest in a spate of high prole policing in the area after a spate of incidents over the last month.
CYCLISTS in Washington are being told to secure their bikes after a 24-hour spate of thefts.