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Synonyms for spastic

a person suffering from spastic paralysis

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suffering from spastic paralysis

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affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions

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94% of patients experienced normalized muscle tone; - 87% were able to open a spastically fisted hand; - 75% registered improved head control; - 62% learned to sit alone; and - 19% walked without assistance for the first time.
Her arms trembled almost spastically, and it seemed she was losing her mind.
It is not only strange but deeply conflicted, profoundly paradoxical: he moves erratically, almost spastically around Professor M.
But if Mark Morris flips his hand spastically, as he did at predictable intervals in the recent dance Foursome, the audience guffaws.
In addition, in contrast to tadpoles maintained in saline, vehicle, or nonestrogenic compounds who would swim normally when touched on the head, tadpoles that had been treated with micromolar concentrations of estrogenic compounds did not display normal swimming patterns but twitched spastically when touched.