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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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The Squid 2000 Sparker, operating up to a maximum of 2,500 Joules in deeper water during the second part of this survey, provided a lower frequency pulse which produced results showing greater penetration of the seabed, though at the expense of reduced resolution,
Among these advantages are the resulting integration of knowledge, better connecting to real life, satisfying learning styles of students, exposing them to different ideas about subjects, and, to some degree, better students' achievement (Berentsen, 2006; Goetz, 2000; Sparker, 2003; Auman and Jonathan, 2008; Eisman et al.
The engine is a sparker and in normal conditions gives similar performance to sports coupe.
Archers Sparker had been supported by a few shrewd judges at the early prices in heat two, and John Mullins' bitch went about her work well despite running very wide at the bends.
The potatoes were propelled by hair spray squirted into the base of the tube and ignited by a camping lantern sparker.
Moses" Streamliner John Parker's Darker Sparker (83)
With its nitrogen-rich amino acids and jujube dates, energy-boosting Korean ginseng and vaginal-lubricating phyto-oestrogens, this little sparker won't let you down.
Mike Becevel, a sparker (or radioman) who served for five years aboard the Yukon, recalls how that unique feature of the ship came into being.
3) In 1997 a final survey using CCGS Matthew was conducted to collect Seistec high-resolution sub-bottom profiler data along lines that had been surveyed in 1996 with only the sparker system (Cruise 97060; Shaw et al.
So NBC created its own, helping things along with small explosive charges but never telling its viewers about the cute little sparker things.
We suggest savoring the spicy, complex flavors of this sparker as an aperitif or pairing it with richer dishes like roasted game or a terrine of foie gras.
Ospreys: G Henson (J Spratt 37);T Bowe, SParker, A Bishop (D Biggar 69), S Williams; J Hook, J Nutbrown(MPhillips 53);PJames(C Griffiths 79), R Hibbard (H Bennett 58),A Jones, I Gough (AW Jones 25),ALloyd (F Tiatia 62), T Smith, R Jones (capt),M Holah.