spark arrester

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electrical device to reduce sparking when electrical contacts are opened or closed

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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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The safety and performance features built into each of our RTV's includes a 5 point racing harness, full roll cage of 1 1/2, steel tubing, 4 speed automatic transmission, dual independent master cylinders, 4 wheel disc brakes, hydraulic steering, and spark arrester, to name just a few of the key features that support this easy to operate, family friendly RTV.
Chimneys: Clean chimneys regularly, and include an approved spark arrester.
Equip chimneys and stovepipes with a spark arrester that meets the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Code 211.
It's also called a spark arrester, and you want to make sure it's on and in good condition so it will stop sparks from traveling during the Santa Ana winds, and also keep moisture out of the chimney, in addition to birds and branches,'' says Peacock.
Off-highway motorcycles, modified off-highway vehicles and any internal combustion engine must be equipped with a spark arrester.
Eighteen states require ATV operators to use a combination of standard safety equipment (helmet, muffler, lights and spark arresters on public land, but in eight, they apply only to riders under a certain age.
Install spark arresters in chimneys and apply one-quarter inch, non-combustible screening to all vent or eave openings.
The Module-Air AF-1000 Series Air Filtration products are self contained units that offer a variety of 'bolt on' intake options including multi-directional angled intakes, standard straight intakes, hood pans and curtain enclosures, all of which offer standard two-stage filtration as well as optional spark arresters and/or carbon filter upgrades.
Those riding off-road vehicles or wielding chain saws must use Forest Service-approved spark arresters.
recommends aspirator mufflers and spark arresters to limit emissions and the threat of fire.
They include spark arresters, small-mesh screens, and leg levelers (for uneven patio surfaces).
Keep mufflers and spark arresters on agricultural equipment in proper working order and watch out for rocks and metal when bush hogging or mowing
Ensure your power tools have spark arresters, and do yard work early in the morning to avoid the sun's heat and accidental ignition.
There, as elsewhere, more than 85 pecent are caused when people improperly burn trash, fail to use spark arresters, and use matches carelessly.
This extended product offering provides complete system solutions with three muffler body diameters and a broad range of accessories like screen-type spark arresters, packed resonators, clamps and more.