spark arrester

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electrical device to reduce sparking when electrical contacts are opened or closed

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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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In practical terms, the lack of a spark arrester is not likely to be a safety problem if you are only burning gas.
From a social perspective, given these assumptions, it is desirable to install the spark arrester and then run the train 8 times.
Walker's Michael DeLillo, vice president of sales and marketing, said that many power generation projects often follow UL guidelines and having a spark arrester feature that complies with those guidelines readily available is "a big advantage, especially if you can outfit the engine in the make-ready stage prior to delivery.
Chimneys should include a spark arrester, a screen that prevents large embers from escaping.
Ours cost about $350, including a spark arrester cap as protection for the roof.
Operating any off-road vehicle on public lands, unless the vehicle is equipped with a properly installed spark arrester pursuant to 43 CFR 8343.
All off-highway vehicles must be equipped with a spark arrester approved by the U.
Chimneys: Chimneys should include an approved spark arrester and be located at least 30 feet from tree limbs.
The safety and performance features built into each of our RTV's includes a 5 point racing harness, full roll cage of 1 1/2, steel tubing, 4 speed automatic transmission, dual independent master cylinders, 4 wheel disc brakes, hydraulic steering, and spark arrester, to name just a few of the key features that support this easy to operate, family friendly RTV.
Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire or campfire except within agency-provided fire grates at developed recreation sites, or within fully enclosed stoves with a spark arrester type screen, or within fully enclosed grills, or in stoves using pressurized liquid or gas.
Chimneys: Clean chimneys regularly, and include an approved spark arrester.
Equip chimneys and stovepipes with a spark arrester that meets the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Code 211.
M/S Jakson Qty: 1 No 3)250 Kva Dg Set Muffler And Accessories: (1) Residential Silencer-1 No (2) Spark Arrester Silancer-1 No(3)Exhaust Pipe 3 Meter Long With Bends Welded On Both Side And Flange Welded On One Side-1 No(4)Ms Bends For Exhaust-02 Nos (5)Ms Pipe 01 Meter Long Without Flange And Bend-02 Bos(6)Flanges & Exhaust Pipe- 06 Nos(7)Spl.
The devices must therefore be equipped with a spark arrester, a private fan, afblaasbaar filter, a HEPA filter and a control system.
It's also called a spark arrester, and you want to make sure it's on and in good condition so it will stop sparks from traveling during the Santa Ana winds, and also keep moisture out of the chimney, in addition to birds and branches,'' says Peacock.