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Lack of consistency between the trophic interrelationships of five sparid species in the two adjacent central Mediterranean coastal lagoons.
laticeps), both sparids, were found in areas open than in areas closed to fishing--a finding attributed to selective removal of larger size classes (Buxton, 1993).
Also, given the large number of exploited protogynous species among sparids and many other families, and the need to predict the effects of fishing, it is important to determine whether such behavior-related selectivity characterizes most fishes with this mating system or whether it is restricted to certain serranids.
The carpenter seabream (Argyrozona argyrozona), known as "carpenter" regionally, is an endemic South African sparid found between St Helena Bay and KwaZulu-Natal (Fig.
1992; Nichol and Acuna, 2001), only one attempt has apparently been made to estimate the annual fecundity of wild populations of this sparid (El-Agamy, 1989).
1999) suggested that spatial differences in growth of juvenile sparid fishes were a result of water temperature and currents.
The pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides) is an ecologically important sparid that inhabits estuarine and offshore waters of the United States from Massachusetts to Texas (Darcy, 1985).
The red porgy, a protogynous sparid also known as silver snapper and pink snapper, associates with reefs and is commonly found over irregular and low-profile hard bottoms at depths between about 20 and 200 m (Manooch and Hassler, 1978).
Indeed, there is good evidence that the abundance of this sparid in the Blackwood River Estuary in southwestern Australia declined markedly between the 1970s and 1990s as a result of a combination of commercial and recreational fishing activities (see Valesini et al.