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someone who refrains from injuring or destroying

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Given the changes that are going on in the health care system today," Sparer said, "the agenda that you have before you for the next couple of days could not be more important.
Sparer says both techniques might find use in an injection molding machine of the future because the molding process has many input variables that can affect part quality (such as back pressure, temperature, and extruder rpm).
SAN FRANCISCO -- On February 6, 2009, Sparer Law Group filed the first class action lawsuit in the nation on behalf of investors who purchased the Oppenheimer California Municipal Fund (Symbols: OPCAX, OCABX, OCACX) between September 27, 2006 and November 28, 2008.
Michael Sparer, PhD, JD, department chair, Health Policy and Management, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, provided the opening plenary session, "The Transformation of the U.
But where previous viewing "environments"--for instance, Sibling Topics (Section A), 2009, seen at New York's New Museum--recall the work of predecessors such as Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy in their emphasis on materiality, the installations in this show are far sparer and altogether more disquieting, hinting at a sharpening of Trecartin's concerns, and thus creating critical distance between the artist and his most obvious forebears.
1) this rich and continuous ornament gives way to a sparer use of enamel, and with the interest focussed instead on a sequence of beautifully chased gold figures in low relief.
Pinnacle Las Vegas was designed by Jon Sparer of Youngblood Wucherer Sparer Architects, Ltd.
Pictured helping with life sized shovels are, from left, Cynthia Sparer, executive director of the Children's Hospital of New York; Peter Karches, formerly of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; Herbert Pardes, president and CEO of New York Presbyterian Hospital; John J.
There is some expectation that the cost savings from managed care will actually reduce the number of uninsured persons, either by making private insurance more affordable to employers and families (Sheils and Haught 1997) or by the actions of some states in explicitly using cost savings from their Medicaid managed care program to fund increases in eligibility for Medicaid and other public programs (Gold, Sparer, and Chu 1996).
Boullata's introduction also treats a less-known aspect of Khouri's career, that of poet, juxtaposing the romanticist-tinged love poetry of his youth with the far sparer, more philosophical verse he wrote after retirement.
Bernard and Joseph Sparer want to scrap the pact approved in September to develop 113 acres at Avenue M and 10th Street West and bring in an outside company to help them with the project, said Mayor Jim Ledford.
There are no surprises at the level of individual works; the Cornell boxes and collages typify the artist's later, sparer, post-1940s style, while almost all the Kilimniks (from 1989 to the present) are familiar from a flurry of solo shows around the world over the past decade.
But your mouth is like a mirror -- reflecting signs of general health and well-being," says Registered Dental Hygienist Jo Sparer.
Findings from our research, based on experience in California, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas, are described in considerable detail in individual case studies (Kaiser Family Foundation/Commonwealth Fund 1997) and in comparative studies that contrast the Oregon and Tennessee experiences in some detail (Gold 1997) and identify policy lessons based on findings from the first five states involved in the study (all but Florida and Texas) (Gold, Sparer, and Chu 1996).