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The spareness of this setting need not be wholly attributed to the poverty of the congregation, however.
Marshak's second stanza, especially, captures the economy and spareness of Wordsworth's images of the violet and the star.
This spareness and expressive coloration are central to the modernist aura of his works, along with the mysteriously gendered tensions and awkwardnesses that are evoked by his figures' spatial positioning, poses, and typical lack of expression.
Boyd says the set's spareness rightfully focuses attention on the actors.
This is characteristic of Aslan's speech: the musicality, the commands, the use of the verb "to be," the rhetorical use of repetition, the sense of living nature, the unadorned spareness, the power of naming, and the primacy of love.
In the past, his music has focused on simplicity, with a Zen-like spareness of form; however, in this new release he indulges in overdubbing and other Western tricks to make his sound more grandiose, with the end result being an album that is rich, full, and quite enjoyable.
The spareness of the model is so profound that it raises the terminological question of whether the behavioral regularities that Posner addresses are even norms.
A reader coming to the novel unaware of Green's age could discern that it is a youthful work only by two features: the age of the schoolboy protagonist, and the fullness of literary effects and devices, which Green never approached again, as he began to pare down the apparatus of fiction to achieve his mature spareness.
Much of that spareness is in untranslated African or Italian.
Directed by Mark Brokaw with a brisk, lyrical spareness, the intermissionless 90-minute work is divided into sections with titles that mimic chapters of a driver's-ed manual.
An elegant spareness accommodates the poet's method, and wide-spanning discernment guides him in his task.
In keeping with her new minimalist mood in latter years, and her awareness of bareness and spareness, more often she wore a single strand of pearls or dramatic drop earrings.
Such stark imagery as that with which he described a work detail - "we were so many dried up trees in the heart of a desert" - (Night 35) is all the more effective for its spareness.
Like that of his vocal model, Hardy's voice calibrates a charged balance between spareness and extravagance.