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a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge


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Kevin Worthington AYOU can hire a machine to cut out the mortar around the spalling bricks and then remove them.
The men demanded money and when Mr Spalling refused to hand over any cash he was attacked before the men fled.
If spalling occurs along a concrete edge, follow the repair procedure for chipped edges.
The concrete spalling had occurred because in most locations on the building there was inadequate concrete coverage over the reinforcing steel.
Secondary failure mechanisms became apparent: spalling of concrete, offset joints, cracks from restrained joints, and the buildup of incompressible material in open, unsealed joints and cracks.
This flaking process, or spalling, represents a previously unknown mechanism for directly generating colloids -- particles too tiny to settle out of water, says study leader John K.
In simple terms, spalling is considered as a form of decrepitation caused by an unequal expansion of rock crystals that overcomes molecule cohesion.
The solid cellular design eliminates worries over filter contamination from spalling during mold closing.
Steel reinforcing bars continue to corrode and rust builds up exerting pressure against the concrete and pushing it away from the building, resulting in visible cracking and spalling.
Typically, a refractory lining is removed prematurely due to superheating, finning, spalling, erosion, buildup or saturation.