space heater

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heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room

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If possible, position space heaters in an area that is inaccessible to young children and toddlers, under 4 years of age, and teach older children to avoid them.
Now, thanks to advances in design and engineering, space heaters are earning passing marks for aesthetics, and even moderately priced models have safety and efficiency features that were rarely, if ever, seen a decade ago.
Operators, every 6 months, recharge the battery pack, NSN 4520-01-493-2796, in your 35,000-BTU and 60,000-BTU convective space heaters.
With these two proposals, we're suggesting space heaters should not be a compromise but a deliberate choice.
Don't leave it running: never leave a space heater on when you leave a room or go to sleep.
During December and January, the coldest months of the winter, Subpanel B had energy loads of 900 kWh to 950 kWh, or average space heater loads of 1,200 W, indicating that the rated 3,000 W total space heater power was modulated at 40% capacity if other miscellaneous loads on this subpanel are negligible.
If you're planning to buy a space heater this year, look for models with an automatic shut-off switch that activates anytime the unit tips or is knocked over.
Since the end of last summer, the business has operated out of a brick-and-mortar shell facility, which had just enough room for an espresso cart, a radiant space heater and a few tables and chairs.
One chain has seen an increase of 200% in the sale of the dual units this week, with space heater and radiator sales jumping 300%.
And look for a space heater that turns itself off when it overheats or is tipped over.
He said that the coming winter should be cold and he does not anticipate any dramatic changes in fuel prices, which should drive space heater volume gains similar to 2005.
The machine spun around the clock in the house we shared with four of Meghann's teammates, and our living room decor was dominated by a rotating display of soccer gear drying in front of the space heater.
The Space Heater Convective (SHC) from Hunter Manufacturing is a battery powered, liquid fuel-burning, ducted convective heater built to deliver up to 250 CFM of clean heated air to personnel and equipment housed in Arctic tents and other softwalled temporary or semipermanent shelters.
An electrical space heater wastes up to 2,400 watts when in use.