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Also, she felt that she needed to look naturally sozzled for the camera rather than resort to too much of make-up.
And he claims things got so bad he regularly reported sozzled for training.
Sometimes that's not easy when you've got some sozzled macho man lunging at you.
You can't imagine very much is going on as his friends claim he's too sozzled.
The Dead's Jerry Garcia, not surprisingly, sets to picking with anyone, from any genre, who wants to play, and guilelessly declares his love for Janis during one particularly sweet, sozzled laughin' jag.
A drunken Conrad, who has his sights set on a nice gay doctor, and an equally sozzled Shona, desperate for a sexual encounter without any strings attached, suddenly find themselves in each other's arms.
Its rigid and prescriptive readings, in keeping with the "system" it examines, will baffle those indifferent to the language, methods, and strictures common to such human-potential movements; its wordplay and circularity will thwart those anxious for incontrovertible evidence that these clandestine "attacks on race" were part of a grand and coherent movement; its insensibility to the complex and competing cultures of 1920s New York will irk those eager for cultural comparison (between, for example, Thurman's sozzled Harlemites and F.
Queen of this nest of vipers is former ballerina, Lynn Seymour as the sozzled stepmother, Cruella and Crawford combined, Cinderella is rescued by her guardian angel (William Kemp), a palely glittering dandy in a three-piece suit.
AN emotional Madonna performs under a giant image of estranged son Rocco - dressed as a clown and allegedly sozzled.
JOE Anderson's myopic vision of Liverpool seems to be a city driven by student accommodation and hotels, offering cheap weekend accommodation for its occupants to wander the city getting sozzled.
bra ACCUSED: She confronts Carol CHEERS: Buster and Carol get sozzled
Some 44 per cent of teen Brits quizzed had got sozzled at least twice - double the number in France, Holland or Italy.
A premature prezzie for most of us then, while all you sozzled Auld Lang Syners out there can still get your end-of-year Jools fix via his traditional televised count down of the dying moments of December 31.
VENTRILOQUIST Ray Alan - known to millions for his act with snooty, sozzled puppet Lord Charles - has died.