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Abiodun OA and RO Adeleke Effect of partially defatted soybean flour substitution on the proximate, pasting and sensory properties of banana flour.
Carbohydrate composition of soybean flours, protein concentrates, and isolates.
The isoflavone content of fermented bread with roasted flour was higher than that of the raw soybean flour and roasted flour.
In the soybean flour, all the oil is already extracted, so there is nothing that could be harmful There is no ingredient in this that would be volatile.
As soybean flour is used more and more, oil becomes a by-product," he notes.
Effects of the soybean flour diet on insulin secretion and action
The addition of soybean flour to the traditional formulation (Weanimix) has improved its protein quality but not the vitamin A status [3].
Jackson used less-expensive nitrogen sources, including soybean flour or cottonseed meal, which cost 30-50 cents a pound.
The researchers evaluated whole soybeans, soybean protein concentrates, soybean protein isolates, soybean flour and soybean protein-fiber-lecithin products that had been obtained from commercial suppliers.
A new material that looks like granite but can be machined like wood is in reality a biocomposite material made with recycled newsprint and soybean flour.
It is in this perspective that this intervention was conducted to determine the extent to which soybean milk and soybean flour in the diet could improve the nutritional status of malnourished children under five.
The scientists obtained lower DNA detection limits for full-fat and defatted soybean flours than for toasted soybean flour and soy fiber samples.
Shih's process differs from a 1940's process for plastic auto bodies that simply incorporated soybean flour in phenol formaldehyde plastic.
castaneum; for the flours of soybean SJ320 and DOCKO, the treatments 20% and 40% concentration of soybean flour constitute a favorable substrate for a good growth of red flour weevils (Tables 2, 3).
The research included studies on the particle size of ground soybeans and its effect on the rate and amount of crude oil extracted; the effect of moisture at the time of extraction of soybean flour on the phospholipid and free fatty acid content of crude oil; and the influence of temperature on phospholipid and free fatty acid content of crude soybean oil.