soya milk

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a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water

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Soya milk is popular in Cambodia, where the Hagar factory is the first to produce it with ultra-high temperature equipment and aseptic pack aging--enabling a long shelf life without refrigeration.
This is causing soya milk to become increasingly popular as a dairy milk substitute, especially from consumers seeking healthy & nutritious beverages.
Soya milk (soya yoghurt and soya ice cream are also available) contains no cholesterol, little sugar and plenty of protein.
Functional foods, as defined in this report, principally comprise: fibre-, mineral- and/or vitamin-fortified breakfast cereals and cereal bars; probiotic and prebiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks; cholesterol-lowering margarines and spreads; and soya milk.
Tenders are invited for Tender For The Supply Of Soya Milk
For the last few years the soya milk category has been dominated by one big player, but a new arrival in the UK marketplace hopes to change this with their exciting range of drinks.
SOYA milk and tofu may reduce the build-up of harmful fat in the liver, say scientists.
Nowadays this is easy, there are alternatives from goat's products to soya milk.
Goats dairy supplier Delamere Dairy is going up against soya heavyweight Alpro with an unexpected move into soya milk.
A half drunk bottle of champagne, bottle of Sancerre, soya milk and yoghurts, apple juice, water, orange juice and Ribena.
Mushroom and garlic tartlets Serves six Ingredients 250g (8oz) puff pastry 500g (1lb) button or closed cap mushrooms, sliced Two cloves garlic, crushed One tablespoon parsley, chopped One tablespoon olive oil 300ml (half a pint) unsweetened soya milk 50g (2oz) plain flour 50g (2oz) dairy free margarine Salt and pepper to taste A little soya milk to glaze Method Roll pastry into a large rectangle and cut into six squares.
He said: "If someone cancels their order because their child is using soya milk we follow up and in many cases customers are not aware that we can supply soya milk, too.
Can they not just eat vegetables and accept there is no such thing as soya meat or soya milk.
Salt and calorific ice-cream was off the menu replaced by fruit and soya milk and cream.