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ese include the increasing unacceptability and cost of importing soya, the declining availability of non-genetically modied (GM) soya and moves to improve UK food security in the face of volatile international markets.
SGS joins the Danube Soya Initiative at this year s 2nd International Danube Soya Congress, Danube Soya and the European Protein Debate, from 25-26 November 2013 at Kongress am Park, Augsburg.
And our commercial trial later in the year hopes to replace soya protein in the feed with lupin.
Both US and Chinese prospective epidemiological studies show that post diagnosis soya consumption is associated with an improved prognosis.
Still, undaunted, she arranged for Soya to dress up in a revealing waistcoat and hotpants for a magazine spread.
Moreover, in recent studies soya protein was shown to reduce risk of heart diseases.
These are: soya cheese (awara), soya daddawa, soya milk, soya kunu, soya yoghurt, soya pap, soya vegetable soup, soya feed, soya baby food, soya chinchin, soya kossai, soya bread, soya tuwo, soya amala, soya moinmoin, soya danwake, soya cake, soya gari, soya puff-puff and soya pancake.
Like all other Alpro soya products, it is also free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners and from lactose, gluten and wheat for those following a more specific diet.
April 23 - Global giants Unilever and Nestle are said to be among the remaining bidders to purchase health brand Alpro Soya.
The latest target is all imports containing soya and soya products.
Simply cut out the voucher and take it to participating Morrisons, Sainsbury's or Waitrose stores to claim your free Alpro soya chilled single cream alternative.
There are also graphs looking at longer term trends in feed grains plus the Brent crude oil prices which is closely linked to cereals and soya prices.
Scientists found that even modest consumption of soya products, such as meat and dairy substitutes and bean curd, can have a significant impact on sperm count.
A DIET rich in black soya beans could help control weight and even prevent diabetes.