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What to do: It's too early to know if soy foods lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence.
The entire top of the soy candle melts and diffuses a stronger fragrance.
The soy adhesive is comparable in cost to the urea- and phenol-formaldehyde adhesives, says Charles Grabiel, commercialization manager for the consulting firm Omni Tech International and an adviser to the United Soybean Board.
The bill follows two government decrees allowing modified soy farming for the 2003-2004 harvests, which produced sizeable crops.
Because soy products' texture and taste are improving and their health attributes are becoming more well known, consumers of all ages are now eating these items, notes Tony DeLio, corporate vice president of marketing and external affairs for Decatur, Ill.
Nevertheless, he says, since soy formulas provide the sole source of nutrition for 750,000 U.
Scientists at the University of Nebraska (Department of Food Science and Technology, 352 Food Industry Complex, Lincoln, NE 68583) compared the tensile strength, elongation at break, water vapor permeability, solubility in water and color properties of films formed from commercial soy protein isolate with those of films formed from laboratory-prepared crude 7S and 11S fractions, and soy protein isolate.
But not everything we're hearing about soy is positive.
The milk lobby's odd complaint suggests that it fears that more consumers will choose soy as it competes--gasp--with moo juice.
First, a 1999-2000 survey sponsored by the United Soybean Board has found that the number of consumers who perceive soy and soy products as "very healthy" increased significantly to 71 percent in 1999, compared to 67 percent in 1998 and only 59 percent in 1997.
These products include everything from soy burgers and soy flour to soy protein bars and soy milk.
You may soon see food labels claiming soy products reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
Isolated soy proteins, due to their high degree of purity and functionality have become an ingredient of choice in many diverse food applications, including meat extension, meat and dairy alternatives, noodles, soups and a variety of nutritional foods and supplements.
com adds 2014 Market Research Report on Global Soy Protein Isolate Industry of 132 pages to the food and beverages category of its online business research reports and intelligence library.