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sprinkled with seed


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But from the strong growth of young plants produced from such seeds (as peas and beans), when sown in the midst of long grass, I suspect that the chief use of the nutriment in the seed is to favour the growth of the young seedling, whilst struggling with other plants growing vigorously all around.
Luckily I had sown two great patches of sweetpeas which made me very happy all the summer, and then there were some sunflowers and a few hollyhocks under the south windows, with Madonna lilies in between.
All eleven were to have been carpeted with purple pansies, but finding that I had not enough and that nobody had any to sell me, only six have got their pansies, the others being sown with dwarf mignonette.
The hollyhocks and lilies (now flourishing) are still under the south windows in a narrow border on the top of a grass slope, at the foot of which I have sown two long borders of sweetpeas facing the rose beds, so that my roses may have something almost as sweet as themselves to look at until the autumn, when everything is to make place for more tea-roses.
All through April he was putting the perennials we had sown in the autumn into their permanent places, and all through April he went about with a long piece of string making parallel lines down the borders of beautiful exactitude and arranging the poor plants like soldiers at a review.
I was up home; an old man up there has sown wheat too, about an acre of it.
He suggested the farmers to complete sowing till November 20 and keep the ratio of seed as 50 kg for per acre of land while if sown from November 21st to December 15 the seed ratio should be 60 kg on per acre of land.
Hardy annuals are usually sown directly into the ground and though this is often undertaken in early spring, they can be sown in autumn.
Bt varieties should be timely sown in accordance with the area needs,otherwise farmers could face negative impact on production, the spokesman warned.
Asked whether rice production will decline this year, Pawar said, the sown area is more than normal.
Summer radishes can be sown up until August and harvested from May onwards, while winter radishes should be sown in July and harvested from August through to November.
Quick-growing lettuces such as Little Gem can be sown in March in mild areas, in rows 15cm apart.
Hybrids CD 306 and CD 308 from the sown on 3/15 presented the highest number of ears per plant, and thus had the highest prolificity index in the 2005 off-season crop.
It is interesting to note that many of the spring and summer flowers which we regard as 'cottage garden' flowers are biennials which can be sown from seed.