sow thistle

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any of several Old World coarse prickly-leaved shrubs and subshrubs having milky juice and yellow flowers

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More recently he's been picking burdock flower stalks and petioles, Juneberries, mulberries, chickweed leaves, sow thistle leaves, black birch twigs (for tea), cattail pollen, purslane leaves, lamb's quarters leaves, chanterelles, carrion flower shoots, and milkweed flower buds.
Hold off on the weed killer and you will encourage plants such as bittercress, chickweed, sow thistle, elder - all of which make good fodder for the salad bowl," Martin says.
Over the festive season Jim found flowering dandelion and smooth sow thistle and 31 hartstongue ferns at St Helens.
They are being tested for their effectiveness in combating chickweed, dandelion and sow thistle infestations.
There are other noxious weeds which reproduce and spread both by seed and root like the ox-eye daisy, the snapdragon or butter and eggs, the bouncing Bet, perennial sow thistle, quackgrass, and several more.