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Synonyms for sovereign

Synonyms for sovereign

having political independence

Synonyms for sovereign

(of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces

greatest in status or authority or power


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Without the ability to sovereignly command its hope, sovereign decision is reduced to an experience of individual choice.
1) International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignly (ICISS), The Responsibility to Protect, ICISS, Ottawa, 2001, p.
The multiple incidents that occurred this week raised the risk of miscalculation in a sovereignly cramped part of the world.
Foley G, Schaap A and Howell E (eds) (2014) The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Sovereignly, Black Power, Land Rights and the State.
The contracting authority sovereignly choose whether to retain each of these additional benefits, in its award decision.
Furthermore, what is common is God's grace: blessings that are unmerited and sovereignly bestowed by God.
Vielleville & Baiju Simal Vasani, Sovereignly over Natural Resources Versus Rights Under Investment Contracts: Which One Prevails?
79) God remains sovereignly loving (thus immanent) and sovereignly free (thus transcendent).
Representative masculinity, in this sense, means two things: first, the pater familias' legitimate claim to sovereignty regulates family members' conduct among themselves--violently, if need be--and second, that he sovereignly decides on behalf of the family in his interaction with other representative men (Brown 1995, 181).
in monarchical government, where it is sovereignly important neither to beat down nor to debase human nature, there must be no slaves.
Vietnam's struggle to balance sovereignly, centralization, and foreign investment under Doi Moi.
43-44, Plotinus says that the One has [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which Armstrong translates as "the most authentic mastery among the things which come after it," while Lavuad translates the passage as "the One is sovereignly the master of what comes after it.
Derya went up to the rostrum and read the official oath, which reads: "I do swear upon my honour and dignity that I shall preserve the existence, rights and sovereignly (sic) exercised powers of the State within the United Cyprus Republic; that I shall be bound by the principle of the supremacy of law and by the principles of a democratic secular state, social justice and the principles of AtatE-rk; that I shall work for the welfare and happiness of my people; that I shall not depart from the ideal that every citizen must benefit from human rights and that I shall remain loyal to the Constitution.
Regional judging stressed the fact that for years Zarko Radulovic has been number one person in hotel industry of the region, the winner of the only award for hotelier and tourism business in South-Eastern and Central Europe while the hotel Splendid is sovereignly ruling the hotel industry as the best hotel, with the best service, quality of accommodation and complementary tourist services.