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Synonyms for sovereign

Synonyms for sovereign

having political independence

Synonyms for sovereign

(of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces

greatest in status or authority or power


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Moll achieves Derrida's "joyous affirmation" through economic sovereignly and resolves the antagonistic relation between self and other, subject and object, and masculine and feminine by using the performative act as a means for challenging and reconstituting the traditional dialectic of identity.
This does not mean abolishing countries, or borders, or the idea that nation-states may sovereignly decide who to admit among their number.
Believing that God sovereignly determined the timing of a person's passing, civilians encouraged soldiers to be prepared for death at any moment.
Sovereignly, the law haunts cities, institutions, conduct, and gestures; whatever one does .
A letter signed by ambassadors of donor countries Sweden, Canada, and Finland, as well as the UN and the European Union (EU), that was sent to AN President Eduardo Gomez read in part, "The human rights of women are a principle recognized in the Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua, as well as in the Declaration of Human Rights, the Convencion Americana sobre los Derechos Humanos, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, The International Conference on Population and Development (1994), the Fourth Conference of the Woman in Beijing (1995) and their consequent ratifications in 2004 and 2005, all assumed sovereignly by Nicaragua.
Others can become more forgiving because people pray for them at a distance, and God sovereignly works in their hearts to transform them into more forgiving people (Phil 1:4).
Here I wish simply to agree with Sanders that, while human faith and human action make a difference in the success or failure of the divine project, God is still sovereignly involved.
regneront souverainement sur l'espace et sur le temps domptes" (113; to externalize his will in a way that it extends outside himself like a huge invisible arm; [with him], Dream and Desire will sovereignly rule over subdued space and time).
He checked that impulse also, and more sovereignly.
And as the Net moves precipitously toward convergence with television, new strategies are urgently needed to maneuver freely, sovereignly, through an increasingly factitious, total-media environment.