sovereign immunity

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an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent

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Incumbent governments may be tempted to exchange sovereign immunity for better financing conditions in the short run, at the expense of larger costs that will be paid by their successors.
The government of Canada argued that the issue of what exceptions to allow in the sovereign immunity law was an issue for Parliament to decide as it set rules on how to conduct international relations.
Part II explains the Supreme Court's development of foreign sovereign immunity and the act of state doctrine--which were both informed by the law of nations--leading up to its decision in Samantar.
9) It, therefore, granted certiorari to preclude further prosecution of the case based on sovereign immunity.
21) The doctrine of sovereign immunity has its roots in English common law which provided that the King was to never be included under statutory schemes as a potentially liable party as a matter of public policy.
famously complained that sovereign immunity had become "a mindless
incorporate developments in the doctrine of foreign sovereign immunity,
The High Court found that Garuda could not claim sovereign immunity because the ACCC s proceedings against it concern a commercial transaction within the meaning of s11(1) of the Foreign State Immunities Act.
In 2009, a Vatican request for dismissal on the grounds of sovereign immunity drew support from the Obama administration, in the form of a brief jointly signed by the Solicitor General's Office, the Attorney General and the State Department.
After December 2009, you have to assume that lawyers for every coach thinking about taking a job at a Texas college - or anyone looking at any contract with the state - have boned up on sovereign immunity law.
According to the District Court of Appeal of Florida, an eminent domain action initiated by the State of Florida (State) against land purchased on the open market and held in fee simple by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida (Tribe) does not implicate the Tribe's sovereign immunity.
Outside the narrow community of federal jurisdiction aficionados, people seem to pay attention to state sovereign immunity about every hundred years.
TX: Hospital Misplaced Brain Flap-Patient Sued: Court Recognized Sovereign Immunity On Appeal
The international law of sovereign immunity derives from state practice embodied in national judicial decisions and legislation.
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