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Synonyms for southwestward

the compass point midway between south and west

toward the southwest

Related Words

in a southwestward direction

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The Banda Ahenkro JV properties straddle the projected southwestward extension of the Ahafo Shear Zone, which hosts Newmont's >10 million ounce Ahafo Gold Mine (see Figure 1).
To the south, part of another current, flowing southwestward along the southern flank of Georges Bank, turns north into the Great South Channel.
I turned to fly along the shore southwestward, able to see both tundra and Arctic waters.
According to the BBC, Dave Heeley aims to run 10 marathons in 10 days travelling from John O'Groats, traditionally acknowledged to be the extreme northern point of mainland Scotland, to Land's End, extreme southwestward point of mainland Britain, and cycling between each stage.
Its presence in Somervell County extends the range of this introduced species southwestward.
As of 10:00 AM CDT (1500 UTC) the storm's center was located inland just west of Cabo Rojo in Mexico's Veracruz state and moving in a westward to southwestward motion with maximum sustained winds near 65 MPR (100KM/H) with higher gusts.
He concluded that the earliest ice flow was southward and was succeeded by both southwestward and northeastward flow from an ice centre south of Red Indian Lake.
Movement was consistently in a southwestward direction, and this directionality was consistent both between the point of initial capture and the day roost and between that roost and the last point of contact on the second night (Fig.
Hit-and-run suspect may have fled southwestward from crime scene
This species occurs from Guyana southwestward to Ecuador and south to the State of Amazonas, Brazil (Fig.
The amount and timing of the rainfall (2-month lag) and the strong southwestward currents on 24 July occurred directly before the beginning of the peak of disease cases, which occurred between 25 July and 17 August 2004 (Figure 2).
From there, it moved southwestward into Chariton County, where it reportedly was seen near the Chariton River in early February (Alex 1987).
Bottle Creek was a major ceremonial centre which, while it was located improbably on an island in a coastal Alabama swamp, was also part of a chain of coastal cultures that extended eastward towards Florida and southwestward towards Mexico.
The grey till in the middle was formed by a glacier originating over Prince Edward Island which flowed southwestward into the Bay of Fundy, crossing over black coal and grey limestone an d shale beds.
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