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Synonyms for southeastward

the compass point midway between south and east

toward the southeast

Related Words

in a southeastward direction

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It appeared to Kluck that Moltke wanted the French forces to be driven southeastward, away from Paris.
New records extend the known range of the Hennacapped Foliage-gleaner (Hylocryptus rectirostris) southeastward (Passeriformes: Furnariidae).
The rainy pattern departed as both its core pressure circulation pushed southeastward with some assistance from the anticyclonic thrust both feeding and pushing from the west.
Confederate forces significantly outnumber their counterparts and gradually push Union troops southeastward through town.
The headwaters of the Leon begin in Eastland County, near the town of Eastland, and flow southeastward through Comanche, Hamilton, and Coryell Counties to be joined by the Lampasas River in Bell County and the San Gabriel River in Milam County to form the Little River, a major tributary of the Brazos River.
the modern distribution of Fundulus sciadicus suggests southeastward displacement of that species from a place of origin in the central plains into the northern and western parts of the Interior Highlands, where relict populations persist.
After terrorists hijacked their jet over Ohio, they turned it southeastward, probably intending to crash it into the U.
Western Superior project results provided a westward correlation of geologic units of the Red Lake Belt, Ontario, leading to redoubled gold exploration investment, while southeastward correlation prompted new staking of 24 000 acres.
82 by Syogo Utsunomiya (Aso, Kumamoto; 25 x 150 binoculars) of a possible 9th magnitude comet with coma diameter 5" moving rapidly southeastward in Vela.
The defense chief said the Chinese submarines and destroyers were navigating southeastward, adding that Tokyo has never before confirmed such a large number of Chinese vessels near Japan.
The stratigraphy of the Sierra District consists of lower Triassic Koipato and Natchez Pass strata which are cut locally by diabase dikes and sills which are vertical or dip southeastward.
In 2003, the southeastward movement of the rabies epidemic slowed and, in 2004, appeared to halt.
It has since advanced southeastward through the cooler mid- to high-elevation mountain forests of Central America, decimating entire populations of amphibians.
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