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a long cassock with buttons down the front

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Il y la 1 200 enfants de choeur en soutanes rouges, les seminaristes en surplis, 2 000 pretres, dont 1 000 en habits sacerdotaux (14).
I could never fathom those lads in the soutanes with the pandy bats saying the Our Father and then bashing the living daylights out of some little kid, but, you know, you survive.
Indeed, Donissan's lack of refinement bothers Menou-Segrais to the point that he declares: "`Mon petit setter le flaire avec degout, ma gouvernante est lasse de detacher ou de ravauder celle de ses deux soutanes qui garde un aspect decent'" (SSS 97; "`My little setter sniffs at him in disgust, my housekeeper is tired of sponging and mending the only one of his soutanes that's still presentable'" [64]).