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Synonyms for souse

to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

to make thoroughly wet

Synonyms for souse

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

pork trimmings chopped and pickled and jelled

Related Words

the act of making something completely wet

Related Words

immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate

become drunk or drink excessively

cook in a marinade

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Why, Uncle Souse as I recall you've always loved the outdoors.
IDOL Rory's younger fans BUBBLING Rory gets his own back after pals souse him CROWD PLEASER Rory McIlroy shows cup at Holywood Golf Club yesterday CLUB MATES Pals help Rory celebrate at Holywood Golf Club yesterday
Cold sores often appear if you are unwell or feeling run down and can be triggered by strong sunlight, souse a lip balm containing sunscreen during sunny weather.
The keeper refused to shake hands with Souse at the end and said: "I told the referee I didn't touch their player and I'm not a liar.
Famed defense attorney Earl Rogers (Maury Sterling), a gambler and something of a souse, latches on to Griffith's tippling habits to construct a landmark ``crazy drunk'' defense.
Van Holt and Brewster make for an appealing enough couple, but they're surrounded by disapproving cartoon cutouts: David Ogden Stiers as her stuffed-shirt stiff of a dad, Swoosie Kurtz as her blowsy souse of a mom and Brian Doyle Murray as his dad, whose philosophy seems to be, if something's worth saying, it's worth barking out at top volume.
His fellow countryman, and referee Bernard Souse had no hesitations as he pointed to the spot.
The former Auxerre star was raging after French referee Bernard Souse awarded the Israeli champions a spot kick in the 16th minute.
A Palestinian source reported that the Israeli forces enhanced with bulldozers stormed the area of al-Nahdah east of Rafah amid heavy gunfire and leveled the area, the souses added.
In other words, souses who like to suck back a pint of Alexander Keith's with their fiddleheads are paying a bit more than they would if they were sucking back a locally brewed Moosehead.
The answers to these questions may well be "Yes," according to "Many Expatriates, Many Voices: Accompanying Souses and Partners Relocating to the USA," a new study by The Interchange Institute, underwritten by Prudential Relocation, a Prudential Financial, Inc.
Souses said that a high-level committee will meet on Sunday to discuss the situation, in which they would decide if any further imposition of curfew required was required.
According to souses, Dikshit ordered the probe after taking stock of the situation and meeting the critically injured students, who are being treated in the Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Hospital.
As his players burst into top gear from a jog Bert made a series of bizarre souses, sounding like a man possessed.
According to hospital souses, the woman, who already has a 10-month-old baby boy, is doing well.