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any device serving as a source of visible electromagnetic radiation

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He ultimately promotes a return to religion as a source of illumination and truth.
Although these techniques are quite varied, their commonality lies with researchers focusing on the surface to be illuminated and attempting to add more detail to specific locales than would be present in a rendering using one point source of illumination.
Lime was used as a source of illumination since the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen on the surface of lime produces a very bright light.
Daylight is the main source of illumination, constantly changing in rhythm and intensity.
NEW YORK-No longer just a source of illumination or even fragrance, candles have become much more of a home decor item, targeting specific rooms, moods and design trends.
Religion, the Baha'i Scriptures aver, "is the source of illumination, the cause of development and the animating impulse of all human advancement" and "has been the basis of all civilization and progress in the history of mankind.
The teacher of truth is not just the historical person, Jesus of Nazareth, but the Logos living in us as a perpetual source of illumination.
The case under study concerns line 48 of `Pus Raimons e Truc Malecx' (PC 29, 15) and demonstrates the necessity of consulting Mistral's Lou Tresor dou Felibrige at all times as a check and often a source of illumination.
Building on its expertise in lighting some of the world's most iconic structures, including the Empire State Building, Miami Tower, and the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge, Philips Color Kinetics continues to deliver LED innovations to transform environments using highly efficient, long-lasting environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination.
The HAL-QP-1x150LED-100 hazardous location LED light tower from Larson Electronics provides high output and rugged durability for operators who need an easily deployed source of illumination in work spaces deemed hazardous locations.
Walls centered on the skylights allow light to cascade down both sides, which become the primary source of illumination for the galleries.
White and coloured light sources set within the polycarbonate skin transform the structure into a source of illumination after dark; hovering benignly over the square the giant canopy glows with soft light.
In some remote rural areas, candles and kerosene lamps continued to be the main source of illumination well into the 1930s.
The Larson Electronics LEDP3W-6 high intensity LED light bar is a compact yet extremely durable lighting solution for those who need a high power source of illumination that is easily installed yet able to withstand rugged use.
Operating independently of the grid, each solar-powered light will incur no power bills while providing a dependable source of illumination, even during local power outages or regional blackouts.