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a collection of historically important documents published together as a book

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You can look in the source book and find a paper plate maker who already has licensed Sponge Bob.
The volume is the fifth in a series of Brethren primary source books that was launched by the late historians Donald Durnbaugh (European Origins of the Brethren, 1958, and Brethren in Colonial America, 1967) and Roger Sappington (Brethren in the New Nation, 1976, and Brethren in Industrial America, 1985).
At one end of the spectrum, the Source Book links to documents related to currently pending legislation of interest.
This source book, in fact, a monumental anthology, presents key documents from the pre-1915 history of the extraterrestrial life debate.
The installation coincides with the release of the new Fashion District Source Book and is intended to help improve the pedestrian experience on Eighth Avenue and at the terminal, while reinforcing the role of local artisans, unique manufacturers, and suppliers in the fashion industry.
The issue also includes "The 2007 Best List Source Book," a comprehensive reference to the retailers and manufacturers deemed invaluable by domino's panel of decorating gurus.
The fully updated second print 6th edition of the "Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials", is a must have source book for technicians and engineers associated with the design, manufacture, or service of bulk conveyors or components.
This valuable volume provides both an essential guide and a packed design source book, full to the brim with contemporary cutting edge ideas.
Carolyn Costin, a marriage and family therapist at the Eating Disorder Center of California in Malibu and author of ``The Eating Disorders Source Book,'' viewed ``Thin'' Thursday at a professional conference in Philadelphia.
95) is the only source book for owners of canine amputees, providing a unique reference which surveys accessible environments, conditions requiring amputation, prevention, and post-surgical complications.
This is a rigorous fascinating study, and excellent background for a trip to Rome, rather than a pictorial source book.
As suggested earlier, Lemert's collection should be viewed as a source book rather than a basic text.
The 180-page source book features a wide choice of new and expanded product lines.
This source book with commentary and perspective on general and specific, and sometimes specialized, economic topics has been published every two years since 1988.
Pathways to Art Appreciation: A Source Book for Media & Methods.