sour mash

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a mash with optimum acidity for yeast fermentation

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any whiskey distilled from sour mash

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US*1 Sour Mash Whiskey is made according to the traditional sour mash process where some previously fermented mash is used as the starter for the new mash fermentation.
As a result, whiskey fans including celebrities and corporate chiefs are angling to snatch up limited stocks of Michter's Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey for nearly $4,000 per bottle.
All conspire to entice listeners into, well, wantonness -- or whatever it is one might get up to during a hoedown in a good-old American dive, with cigarette smoke wafting through the place, a generously pour of sour mash in hand and a floor-level "stage" small enough that you can smell whether the performers showered that day.
Produced from fermented fruit alcohol, the 4% abv drink is available in two flavours, Jeremiah Weed Root Brew with ginger and Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash Brew with bourbon.
Fritz Briem: Grodziskie, a sour, smoked Gratzer wheat ale tastes both astringent from the sour mash, aging and maturation process, and finishes with a savory, almost meaty edge, at four percent ABV.
Sour Mash (left) beats Fine Threads and Licence To Till (nearside) to land the 1m2f handicap
The full album will be released on October 17 on Sour Mash Records, just before the Olympia date.
His debut solo album, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, will be released through his own Sour Mash label on October 17 and he's already completed the as yet untitled follow-up - a product of his continued collaboration with the Amorphous Androgynous - for next year.
While straight American whiskies are commonly made through the sour mash process (using the ingredients from a previous distillation in the new mixture, which is then fermented for several days before distilling), the original sweet mash process uses fresh grains, yeast and water for each distillation.
A news release says the musical will feature puppets, dark humor, burlesque, star lore and nautical glee, accompanied by the Sour Mash Hug Band.
He snapped up Shack for his Sour Mash record label, championed Howie Payne and donated his recording studio for free so The Coral could make their last album.
The brilliant double act were the main attraction at the newest rock event staged by whiskey giants Jack Daniel's, the JD Set Legendary Mash, which brings two different bands together for a duet in the style of the sour mash process in the distilling of the famous spirit.
He signed them to his Sour Mash label and released the superlative The Corner of Miles and Gil, named after the brothers' jazz heroes, Miles Davies and Gil Evans.
SHACK signed to Noel Gallagher's record label Sour Mash last year.