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Synonyms for sour

Synonyms for sour

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

not in accordance with what is usual or expected

to make or become bitter


Synonyms for sour

a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar

the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

the property of being acidic

go sour or spoil

make sour or more sour

smelling of fermentation or staleness

having a sharp biting taste

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one of the four basic taste sensations

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in an unpalatable state


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inaccurate in pitch

showing a brooding ill humor

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Firstly, price continued to be a very important consideration for Ukrainian consumers, although still more of them were interested in quality products within yoghurt and sour milk drinks.
VEGETARIAN: dressings (fat-free French, reduced fat/reduced calorie Hidden Valley Ranch, bleu cheese, reduced fat/reduced calorie Garden Ranch Sauce), sauces (honey mustard, sweet and sour, barbeque), kaiser and sandwich buns, breadsticks, croutons, cottage cheese, pasta salad, potato salad, liquid margarine
Top each with just a teaspoon of sour cream and as much salsa or pico de gallo as you want.
If you choose to consume sour candies, rinse your mouth with water immediately afterwards to reduce the damaging effects from the acids;
Sour ales also span several beer styles, such as Berliner Weisse, a German sour wheat style, Belgian gueuze and lambics, spontaneously fermented wild ales, and American interpretations of sour styles, often barrel aged in wine or spirits barrels.
The Sour Bomb is a traditional gobstopper whereas the Sour Pus is the only sweet of its kind with a squeezable liquid centre.
To source the rBGH-free sour cream, Chipotle worked closely with its primary supplier - Daisy Brand - to establish a regional network of dairy farms that are committed to keeping their cattle free of added hormones.
Frances reckoned the sweet and sour vegetables were cooked very well, but the sauce was a bit watery.
Because dairy products have a tendency to curdle, add items like sour cream, milk and cheeses during the last half-hour of cooking.
Fruit-tella has joined the ranks of the not-so-sweet sugar confectionery brands with the launch of Citrus Sour.
Midori introduces the Midori Sour at special on-premise events nationwide this year.
And--here's the big news--cheeses and sour cream are finally slimming down.
manufactures Ice Drops(R) brands oral care products; Sour Zone(TM) brands sour products; and Lip Rageous(R), Lip Naturals(R), Chap Ice(R), Extra Lip Moisturizer, Leashables(R), Chapgrip(R), Soothe & Shine(R) brands of lip balm.
The latest example is Le Terroir, a dry-hopped sour ale of 7.