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Synonyms for soupy

Synonyms for soupy

having the consistency and appearance of soup

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On 72 minutes Kilroot were not so lucky when Soupy made amends for his miss by again levelling the scores.
Neither was especially useful for most meals, which were soupy.
You need to be a fan of Detroit television or TV history to enjoy the specialized From Soupy To Nuts
Press clams and monkfish into top of rice and cook until cooking liquid is almost level with rice but rice is still rather soupy, another 2 to 3 minutes.
While the 68,000 square miles of military training airspace over interior Alaska was soupy and marginal most of the two-week period, operations ran as normal.
The detergent supplier later collected the containers, which the supplier and at least one hospital administrator mistook for unused cleanser, since both substances are apparently a soupy dark mocha--and redistributed them as detergent, sending them right back to two Duke University hospitals.
Now we don't need to travel to Ithaca or grandma's house for warm, soupy goodness.
About 100 superintendents, chief information officers, curriculum directors, and other education experts gathered on the roof of the Hudson Hotel in New York City on a sweltering, soupy June day to discuss a hot and fairly new approach to education to ensure every student achieves.
I returned to the river near Echuca a couple of years ago and was dismayed to see the entanglement of exotic weeds along the bank, the absence of life giving "coarse woody debris" from among the red gums, and the soupy nature of the river water itself.
Foods need to be fresh, not processed, served warmed, very soupy, and moist in consistency.
If the mixture is too soupy, add a little more cornstarch.
Too much water dissolves the bridges created by surface tension, and the castle becomes a soupy mess.
The composition is further fragmented and layered by a perforated concrete wall painted a soupy terra cotta, that connects the mediatheque with the existing urban fabric on the south side of the site.
For Mary, hope isn't a soupy emotion that depends on people being "nice.
The formation of such pot vessels increased the dining repertoire of Mesopotamia man-boiling now an option--hot pots of soupy contents were possible.