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a ladle for serving soup

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The unit is designed to carry a variety of products including small wares like a can of tomato paste, a large soup ladle or a one-pound can of pepper, making it custom tailored per user while minimizing loss, damage and trips to the truck.
HAMPSHIRE soup manufacturer The Soup Ladle has moved to larger premises in Portsmouth with the help of funding from Armada Finance.
If that scene isn't enough to satisfy peculiar palates, the electrocution of a mobster via a strategically implanted soup ladle should do it.
He attacks a prison guard with a soup ladle so he is banished to solitary confinement where he will be left alone with his quarry.
A soup ladle is the perfect no-mess, scooping device.
Included in the C'est Souperbe package are two boxes of soup, two Pave Perene stonebaked sourdoughbreads, a 10-litre soup kettle, soup ladle and tongs, a freestanding metal sign, cap, T-shirt, bread basket, posters and table talkers.
Above, silver including a Scottish provincial soup ladle (lot 316) and a pair of George III (lot 317) oval boat shaped pedestal salt cellars.
And you may remember that the housemates were set their first task by Big Brother - shifting 5,000 tons of elephant excrement using only a soup ladle.
PHOTO/INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: -- Doc Severinsen, leading the Progresso Drum and Kettle Corps with a soup ladle as a baton.
So, let us not mock the fact that, over the past year or so, Cherie's eBay purchases have included (deep breath) a set of fish knives, six soup spoons, a soup ladle, a sauce ladle, a cake stand, some salad servers, two silver trays, a fruit bowl and some solid silver salt and pepper shakers in the shape of two owls.
Take beetroot mix and measure out a portion into a large soup ladle.
Broth Hole, a grey colt by Soup Ladle out of Basement Bargain, the runaway winner of his last three races on soft going, is virtually unmanageable without his companion, a goat called Spike, of whom the owner - have we mentioned that he bought his title?
Comprises a serving spoon, pasta spoon, small ladle, large soup ladle, slotted spoon and skimmer.
They must shift 5,000 tons of elephant dung using only a soup ladle.
Finally, additions to Friendly Village include a 10-inch Bedford dish, an open Bedford vegetable dish, a Rose tray, soup ladle, gravy ladle and a thermal coffeepot.