soup du jour

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the soup that a restaurant is featuring on a given day

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Cafe Soup du Jour, for example, involved associates bringing in crock pots full of their favorite soups.
So while i' may seem like a nonsensical soup du jour mix of letters, there is a method to Wall Street's madness.
Piled with hilarious non sequiturs, Leyner's style breaks narrative logic down into almost random bits and bytes, yet remains as charged as a particle accelerator: the narrator asks about the soup du jour and is told it is the "primordial soup.
Call activity is also the soup du jour, as more than 12,700 of these bullishly oriented contracts have crossed the tape so far today at the stock's November 30 call.
The Soup Goddess began with the soup du jour, turkey and portobello with spinach, $4.
It retained old favorites but added such new items as a butternut squash soup and a soup du jour to the popular French onion, a young frisee salad, a smoked sturgeon with red beets appetizer, also crab and shrimp fritters with pineapple-ginger chutney, and a fresh burratta cheese starter.
50, plus clam chowder, French onion soup, or the soup du jour.
Bean and pea soup du jour and a hearts of palm salad were recent enjoyments).