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a bowl for serving soup

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He wanted to fashion dinner and soup bowls from lumps of clay.
Its beautiful color and shape would add some aesthetic sense to your soup bowl.
For soup bowls, paint the insides of four cardboard bowls, each a different color.
To serve, spoon some lime granite and a quenelle of beer sorbet into a soup bowl.
Offering engaged couples a free rim soup bowl with the purchase of a five-piece place setting of formal china, or throwing in a storage chest when the couple buys a certain number of sterling-silver flatware settings, can be a good way to drive completion of registries, increase the units sold or simply promote the brand.
To serve, spoon some bisque into a soup bowl and place a mound of leeks in the center.
To make the lotus-shaped fold, follow the basic instructions and diagram below Our setting has a formal Asian twist, but for a more casual effect, you can replace the delicate lacquer vessel with a rustic soup bowl and the glass charger with a wood or earthenware one.
Pour into a soup bowl and garnish with the chopped roquette.
It may be taboo to say it, but hurricane season (June to November) tends to bring the best waves to the island's East Coast--location of the Soup Bowl, the most famous surfing spot in the Caribbean.
O'Neill team rider Sam scooped the top spot in front of a 5,000-strong crowd to win the final at the championship ( known as the Caribbean Reefbreak Soup Bowl ( in the Barbados coastal town of Bathsheda.
The open-stock products, which include a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, mug and beverage glass, are available in four colorways: Skyway (blues, yellows and pinks), Opaline (greens, blues and yellows), Sahara (browns, tans and pinks) and Regatta (blues and greens).
Prices range from pounds 4 for a soup bowl to pounds 7 for a groovy square plate and it's sure to go with your decor.
To serve, spoon some zucchini-tomato bread soup into a soup bowl and accompany with ribollita and red wine-onion bread soup.
Set a piece of fish in the center of each wide soup bowl.