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sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film

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Download SoundTracking in the App Store, or at www.
Combining music, photos, and geo-location, SoundTracking is a fun, expressive and easy way to share the soundtrack to your life.
From day one, our plan was to get SoundTracking into the hands of the largest possible universe of music lovers," said Steve Jang, CEO of Schematic Labs.
Download the SoundTracking For Android app in the Android Market or at www.
The updated SoundTracking App is designed to further enhance the social music experience for iPhone and iPod touch users.
The new version of SoundTracking truly brings a rich, contextual experience to tweeting about your favorite music or just sharing a mood or moment through a song, something we have been focused on from day one," said Steve Jang, founder and CEO of Schematic Labs.
When you're spinning at a club, in a sense you are soundtracking the evening.
To be able to take this one step further to actual soundtracking was very important for us, since we've been pioneering music in video games for so many years.