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Words related to soundproof

insulate against noise

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impervious to, or not penetrable by, sound

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Yang says that with these panels you can soundproof homes.
For more information about Soundproof Windows, Inc.
The Federal Aviation Administration has invested more than $106 million to soundproof more than 2,400 homes since 1998, about half of the total completed.
He recently hit the headlines when he sealed himself in a lightproof, soundproof box with nothing but drinking water for ten days as a study of the relationship between quantum physics and vipassana meditation.
JC series granulators for batch-fed parts and runners and engineered materials applications have a minimum footprint; a helical, segmented rotor for higher throughput using less horsepower and an integral soundproof enclosure.
An arbitration panel last year ordered the London Borough of Southwark in August last year to spend a total of pounds 60,000 on the flats to soundproof them.
If you have ample time and you self-apply or own your labor, there is no better, cheaper way to soundproof walls than with QuietGlue Pro.
Contract notice: 615403 supply, transportation, installation, commissioning and delivery of "plug and play" 21 portable soundproof generator sets (g / s) power from 40 kva to 900 kva and supply 2 portable soundproof generator sets (g / s) power 150 kva.
Our customers report that the noise reduction is life changing," said Randy Brown, founder and president of Soundproof Windows, Inc.
World's First THX[R]-Certified Soundproof Door Joins THX-Certified QuietRock
The college hired acoustics specialists to upgrade the facility and divide it into two rehearsal spaces with soundproof movable walls that open up to a 500-seat hall.
The building is virtually soundproof and has magnificent light and views, two elements almost impossible to find anywhere in loft spaces.
There are also the MA611 auger-feed version and the larger MQ300 upright granulator with soundproof cabinet.
Leading Cleantech Company Hailed for Innovative Soundproof Drywall at Global Gypsum 2008