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a technician in charge of amplifying sound or producing sound effects (as for a TV or radio broadcast)

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Comprising two projections that mesmerizingly fall in and out of sync, and accompanied by a beautifully plaintive piano score, Melies begins and concludes with scenes of a soundman operating an enormous boom microphone as he scans the open Texas sky for signs of life.
In Cyprus my soundman, a yard from me, was blown up by a landmine and killed.
The cameraman and soundman were on a mobility scooter going backwards and the producer was walking in front to clear a path as I wobbled along.
SHOTS IN: (From left) Graeme Truswell, manager at The Alan Higgs Centre, Tom Slee, cameraman, Bob Jefford, director, Ben Hadley, soundman, Graham Poll, former Premier League and World Cup referee, with Ortis Deeley, Gadget Show presenter
The impact was incredibly strong and we had Steve the cameraman and Luke the soundman with us as well," reveals Stephen, once he's got his breath back.
On most occasions either the camera is switched off and nothing is heard or the soundman hears the politician chatting away and does the decent thing and reminds him about the mic.
His band includes bass player Blaine Yandt, drummer Ron Samson, guitar players Rob Anderson and Mike Given, pianist Grant Sotnikow, as well as soundman Tony Fitzgerald.
Disappointed by the results, they scoured the internet to find the best soundman in the business - and fired off a cheeky plea for help to AC/DC engineer Mike Fraser, who'd just finished the Aussie band's Black Ice barmstormer.
Another man who made history and changed the way we see things is Merseyside movie sound pioneer George Groves who was the soundman behind Hollywood's first "talkies".
He also said an attack earlier that day that killed three Israeli soldiers in another part of Gaza, a separate grenade attack on an Israeli tank, and the fact that Shana and his soundman, who was wounded, were wearing body armour "common to Palestinian terrorists" increased suspicion.
Shana's soundman, Wafa Abu Mizyed, was wounded in the arm and two teenage bystanders were also killed in the incident.
A soundman working on his latest movie accidentally picks up something strange on his recording equipment and begins investigating.
The current incarnation of Just the Boyz includes Barry Kimbley on drums, Dean Gauthier on lead guitar and vocals, Fred Roy on bass, Darwin Roy on keyboard, spoons and vocals, and soundman Darrel Burnouf All the members of the group hail from Beauval except for Roy, who is from Durocher Lake.
He then kidnapped her, a cameraman and a soundman and killed them.
Cameraman Paul Douglas and soundman James Brolan, both London-based, were killed and correspondent Kimberly Dozier, an American, was in a critical condition.