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without a sound


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In the few old growth forests left, the magnificent little owl, depleted in numbers, still flew soundlessly through the forests looking for its prey.
I had expected a jolt as the balloon took off, but instead, it rose almost soundlessly.
An entire suite of rooms for fine dining, complete with a legion of waiting staff in grey uniform who don't so much walk as glide around, soundlessly.
Upon seeing the moon, the imagined Sutemaru can no longer hold onto Kaguya; she drops soundlessly into the ocean below.
Throughout these moments the old man ticked soundlessly beside me, swaying slightly in his chair, nodding now and again with a calm I would never have believed, as if to encourage me.
The door on the right opened soundlessly into a small bedroom, the floor strewn with rumpled clothing, the bed half-covered with a white fitted sheet, a blanket in a tangle at the footboard.
According to The Harvard Medical School - If your body is working as it should, during sleep, air will flow soundlessly through your nasal passages, down the back of your throat, and into your lungs.
Cocooned inside his giant papier-mache head - unable to hear the sudden change of story - News Bunny continued clutching his sides, rolling his eyes and turning giant cartwheels of joy while the studio director screamed soundlessly "Cut
She bends over her paper and begins, her mouth moving soundlessly, her pencil gripped tightly in her hand.
Perhaps it was his rottweiler, cast in porcelain, that barked soundlessly (The Guardian, 2014).
Soundlessly, we wallowed through it, praying that the marginal cross-breeze wouldn't shift and carry our scent to the moose.
He only looked up at them and mouthed soundlessly with his ashen lips "What?
The soundlessly radiating word of God, whose first word, according to Genesis, says and states, let there be light, resembles an--ignited--lamp.