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sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film

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I'm attracted to her energy and multicolored musical inspirations, especially the remixed version of "Paper Planes" featured in the sound track for Slumdog Millionaire.
Loggins' contributed to the "Top Gun" sound track with "Danger Zone" and "Playing With the Boys," and appeared with the all star group USA for Africa on the famine-relief fund-raising single "We Are the World.
Ross-Jones alleviates that confusion by bringing under one roof composers, music supervisors, producers and songwriters to craft everything from sound effects, background noise and music sound tracks for films.
SOL REPUBLIC Tracks headphones feature a virtually indestructible Sound Track headband made of FlexTech[TM], and the company is backing that up with the most aggressive guarantee on the market.
That song's moody melody could have replaced Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" on The Breakfast Club sound track, while "Hopeless," one of Gonson's two star turns on the EP, takes the best of Thompson Twins- and Culture Club-like melodies and mixes in the beat-heavy drum-machine stylings of New Order and Depeche Mode.
Largely a collection of bewitching instrumentals - circular arrangements of spooky vibes, gently brushed snare drum, and moody piano and organ motifs - it's the perfect rainy-Sunday sound track for the nouveau easy-listening crowd.
Executive Producers Joey & Bernadette DiFrancesco have just completed the double sound track music CD featuring 10 original songs and 10 classic Diana Ross and the Supremes hits that will appeal to parents and Baby Boomer grandparents who will bring their children to see our first G-Rated fully animated theatrical feature called "Gina D & The Transistors Sisters - In Search of the Golden Record.
JO, 2004, which was presented at the Teatro Goldoni on September 24, 2005, as part of the International Theatre Festival of the Venice Biennale, is a two-part film accompanied by a live sound track performed by Japanese musician Keiji Haino.
After she drifts offstage, drowned out by Vejvoda's charged sound track, her colleagues engage in an orgasmic menage a cinq, bringing an end to the first tableau.
Gina D & The Transistor Sisters-In Search of the Golden Record" Double Sound Track Music CD Now Completed
Melvin Moti's 16-mm film on DVD The Black Room, 2005, is a montage of two apparently disparate elements: footage of wall paintings from a village near Pompeii and a sound track consisting of an imaginary interview with the Surrealist poet Robert Desnos.
While she's distributed by a mainstream label (Hollywood Records) and has a cut ("Fallen For You") on a hot movie sound track (High Fidelity), Nicholls earns her indie stripes by recording for her own Essex-Girl label.
In lieu of a sound track, the dancers are equipped with microphone headsets, which allow them to voice an original accompaniment of their own.
Your sweet 'n' low sound track made something unforgettable out of their otherwise banal excuses, from a babysitter's desperate phone call to a bartender's sluggish preparation of a Cuba Libre.
Filtered through a hungover film noir sensibility and as funky as an overflowing ashtray, the Driver Quartet's debut CD, Night Time, makes a swell sound track for a grainy black-and-white life.