sound judgment

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the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions

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Abid has demonstrated a deep understanding of technology, business vision, sound judgment, and an innate ability to bring people together.
An experienced state legislator who uses her proactive voice wisely and while displaying sound judgment is a must-have for our community.
Her deep experience in financial management, in both the private and public sectors, has been marked by her intelligence, professionalism, innovation and sound judgment, all of which will serve NCUA and the credit unions we regulate and insure very well," NCUA Executive Director Mark A.
Pero 'yung issue on the immunity, we will be deferring to the sound judgment and discretion of the Ombudsman so sinubmit ko po sa kanya kahapon officially 'yung mga affidavits ni Mrs.
The preface of the NATOPS manual advises to use sound judgment when encountering issues outside of normal circumstances; I was in the sound-judgment zone of operation.
I will use sound judgment in all personal and professional undertakings.
Obama said he will continue to rely on Lew's advice and sound judgment "as we work to create good, middle-class jobs, provide more people with the skills those jobs require, and ensure every hardworking American can earn a decent living.
Training should emphasize sound judgment and restraint.
She exemplifies leadership by stepping forward readily with expertise, with good sound judgment, and in a way that serves as an example for other people to follow.
3 : not based on facts or sound judgment <a false feeling of security>
When responding to incidents, sound judgment and discretion must be applied to the nature of the incident by the emergency services whether excessive speed is necessary.
In introducing his economic team on Monday, President-elect Barack Obama said that he had chosen leaders who would offer sound judgment and fresh thinking.
This was a sound judgment and one that should be kept.
MSgt Harkins' experience and sound judgment prevented potential aircrew injury or aircraft damage.
Well, it couldn't have had anything to do with sound judgment, human intelligence or good taste could it?