sound judgment

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the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions

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The National Federation of the Blind, the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans, understands that guns are dangerous weapons, and that anyone who owns, carries, or uses them must therefore exercise great care and sound judgment in doing so.
Obama said he will continue to rely on Lew's advice and sound judgment "as we work to create good, middle-class jobs, provide more people with the skills those jobs require, and ensure every hardworking American can earn a decent living.
Training should emphasize sound judgment and restraint.
Naughton showed what sound judgment that was with a class display capped by the opening goal in the 63rd minute.
When responding to incidents, sound judgment and discretion must be applied to the nature of the incident by the emergency services whether excessive speed is necessary.
In introducing his economic team on Monday, President-elect Barack Obama said that he had chosen leaders who would offer sound judgment and fresh thinking.
This was a sound judgment and one that should be kept.
Well, it couldn't have had anything to do with sound judgment, human intelligence or good taste could it?
That "expert opinion" is often based more on the expert's overconfidence than on sound judgment is illustrated by the otherwise brilliant British mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin.
In business, as in art and science, effective simplicity is the product of careful thought, sound judgment and thorough planning.
Personnel constraints and sound judgment dictate that investigators prioritize leads and pursue those with the most potential first.
But he added, in a later note, that he felt Sinclair's Lanny Budd novels would ``contribute to the development of sound judgment about the political forces in our time,'' and praised Sinclair's ``courageous and unselfish fight for reason and human decency.
Les is a highly respected, experienced and successful figure with a reputation for sound judgment and analytical thinking.
The editorial staff defended this issue as addressing "the 'war on terror' from the standpoint of sound judgment and humanistic justice.