sound judgement

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the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions

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No formal educational or professional qualifications are needed but applicants should be interested in upholding and promoting high standards, understand local issues, have sound judgement and good communication skills.
Strong policies, sound judgement, honesty, presence on the world stage, those are all fine qualities in a Prime Minister.
Christine brought to the bench a great deal of common sense and sound judgement and she will be very much missed.
This time it isn't the fact that they've ensured you'll have to work to a 100 because they've exercised their usual sound judgement with your mortgage repayments, but the fact that they currently sponsor the Six Nations.
Experts reveal how Napoleon's usually sound judgement failed him on one fateful day.
He is known for his sound judgement, leadership skills, and high integrity, which are critical qualities at Borland.
It's much more rewarding to have something to show for your sound judgement.
Reid has built his Sunderland squad on sound judgement and astute buying.
We will rely on his expertise and sound judgement to help us capitalize on our technological prowess and increase our visibility and reach in the U.
Without wishing to be rude, though (for I am sure you have very sound judgement of sports betting), I venture that I have more chance of being the next Sports Editor of your newspaper than Gloria Victis does of winning the Gold Cup.
Tom is an extremely talented executive who has played numerous positions at Hilton with great ability, incredible energy and sound judgement," said Stephen F.
Humphrey Taylor is known not only for his unique research expertise, but also for his ability to draw inferences and his credibility as an expert who offers sound judgement and advice.
The workshop atmosphere is designed to emphasize the underlying structure and support necessary to encourage the development of critical auditor characteristics, sound judgement, team learning, the ability to work independently, and self-direction.
It is totally outrageous to think that this court, with its history of anti-business, anti-growth decisions, would conclude that workers who sign on with companies on a project basis are incapable of sound judgement on employment decisions.
In his new role, we want to fully utilize Bob's legal and business skills and sound judgement to maximize our opportunities.