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full of or expressing deep emotion

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He has soulfully restaged Scandinavian food, changing how Americans think about herring, gravlax, and smorgasbord.
A selected bibliography rounds out this art and flower lover's treasury of skillfully and soulfully painted images.
This book is basically a glorified hygiene manual--Ford reminds us three times that our teeth should be kept clean--as is another recent book, The Gay Man's Kama Sutra, by Terry Sanderson, which is likewise written in a flat, pedantic style, illustrated by images of handsome couples getting it on, sharing drinks, or talking soulfully.
The focal intent on listening to the language of the energy patterns within the body, brings a shift both psychologically and soulfully to patients.
Now, Miller can be seen as an individual doing something soulfully nice.
We wonder how the good guys who were seared, both professionally and soulfully, by the basketball scandals of 1950 would have reacted to the tripleheader in a Las Vegas casino.
But wait, folks, there's more, including a soulfully sentimental version of "Naima" and an energetic rendition of "India"--and more.
Just why Stags Leap Cabs have this soulfully plush, velvety character is only partially known.
One of the most soulfully expressive and universally influential singers and songwriters of our generation, five-time Grammy[R] winner McDonald calls Soul Speak "a labor of love.
Swire Hotels has been created to manage soulfully individual hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United Kingdom and the USA, providing a characterful experience for well travelled individually minded travellers who seek originality, style and personalized service.
Over delectable Indian dishes that are soulfully and generously prepared and shared, relationships deepen and the characters begin to dream again.
Even though it may sound like a cliche, I would like to say that Jana Vonakova-Novakova plays the sonatas soulfully, with a great degree of empathy and humility towards the music and score alike.
When Nettles is soulfully belting the tune home, it's the closest the listener has ever come to hearing what it would sound like if Janis Joplin fronted the Silver Bullet Band.