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full of or expressing deep emotion

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8220;The Soulful Collection of Gina Carey” along with her two latest singles” will be released in March of 2015, however, “Eyes of a Child” will be available for digital download on October 1, 2014.
I saw her give me a sneaky round of applause, so that Josh returns to of live dates in Queen's Hall following with singer The chance outstanding SOULFUL elicited the likes and Ben "All my people like and Tracy very SOULFUL something that I have made me happy.
But she's still engaging and chatted to the crowd with quiet ease between soulful R&B songs from her album which showed off her powerful, bluesy vocals.
Harry, formerly a pupil at Rishworth School in Halifax, wowed a panel of music industry experts with his soulful voice.
One interesting difference between soul and spirit is that while spiritual people often speak favorably of independence, detachment, freedom, and solitude, the soulful person understands the importance of dependence, attachment, involvement, and intimacy.
Together, they offer an experience in American literature that runs the gamut from soulful realism to comedic wit, political satire, and thoughtful social commentary.
Marilyn Nelson for Fortune's Bones (Front Street, October 2004, ISBN 1-932-42512-8 [see "A Soulful Place for Poetry, page 30]).
Guests were treated to a superb wine tasting and buffet by two-star proprietor Antonio Bellomo, goody filled gift bags and danced the evening away to the smooth, soulful jams of The Power.
Occasional songs by soulful singer Miguel Velazquez punctuate the dancing and the orchestral numbers.
Soulful music played by a tenor sex adds to the ambiance of this tale set in fog-bound San Francisco.
Soulful guitar, soulful organ, soulful bass, soulful drums, soulful background singers, soulful brass, soulful strings, and the soulful, smoldering voice of Al Green.
It promises to be a soulful close when the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, signs off on the 37th annual San Sebastian Jazz Festival in Spain, July 24-29.
That world came into full flower in the 1950s, the decade that gave us the wild, moody, rebellious, soulful, and idealistic creature we know as the American teenager.
New Survey Reveals that Moms Want Home-Packed Lunches for their Children and They Want Them Flavorful; Win Big with 'Glory Foods Soulful Lunches Recipe Contest'
Kater's extensive study and masterful skill with the banjo and her soulful voice bring a fresh infusion into the roots music scene.