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Synonyms for sough

a low, indistinct, and often continuous sound

to make a low, continuous, and indistinct sound

Synonyms for sough

make a murmuring sound


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Chauhan on Tuesday sough DU's response to the petition filed by Batra and others.
Canada's commission is modeled on the South African TRC, which sough to heal the wounds of that country's racist policies, including the bantustans that were apparently modeled on Canada's native reserves.
Melody in words was music enough, syncopation of five metrical feet orchestrated line by line in a sough of Muse-enchanted spirit, or the ruder clash of plosive chimes.
The NCP has sough Arman's withdrawal from the race to prevent having to resort to a second round which prove more difficult for the Bashir.
In the same month Asiais other little dragons, including Sough Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, all saw a rise in forex reserves, and the worlds top-three holders of forex reserves also experienced an upward trend, with China seeing the outstanding forex reserves stand at US$2.
Although this latest GfK Market Insight Asia report reflects slower than expected performance, the most successful manufacturers will still pull in sales at the retail cash register through marketing specials and providing the most up-to-date and sough after technology.
You follow in the path of many immigrants who have sough freedom, hope and opportunity here.
Lions prop up tour bid with coach Rowntree The line-up for the British and Irish Lions coaching staff is now complete after Graham Rowntree was called in for next year's tour of Sough Africa.
The announcement noted C[pounds sterling]Iraq sough GermanyCOs help to exit from the UN seventh charter and to make use of the German experience in training and supplying its army with German equipmentC[yen].
Casey sough a detailed reply from Rice and gates how the US is effectively evaluating the capability of the army and the police?
The 1950-53 war ended in a ceasefire, an agreement to which the Sough Korean government was not a signatory, and left the peninsula divided along a border bristling with weapons.
Mr Durrantr cites the ProLogis building in Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford, Helio Sough and Gladman Developments at Lymedale Cross Business Park, and Evans Property Group, which is constructing a single unit of 429,985 sq ft at Fradley Park, Lichfield.
The company was created only a couple of years ago as CoolBrands, facing a slowdown in frozen dessert sales, sough to diversify its operations.
Though there has been a down turn in the market of what is termed as brown furniture, the market for display cabinets, especially smaller display items of furniture, are always sough after.
Many foreign traders have sough to deal directly with farmers in Indonesia and offered a good price.