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a pert or flirtatious young girl

a minor female role as a pert flirtatious lady's maid in a comedy

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Mara Rubia: Nessa primeira revista eu fiquei entre girl e, digamos assim, a soubrette para chegar entao a vedeta .
If I was going to play his soubrette, I had to learn the rhythms of Joan Blondell, Eve Arden, Rosalind Russell--those fast-talking gals.
predominate: the Soubrette, the Queen, the Fallen Woman, the Prima Donna
Molina, elle est aussi convaincante en soubrette stylee qu'en danseuse de flamenco.
Liza is a classic soubrette, a cheeky maid who creates plot dynamics by attracting male attention and spreading gossip.
Both Kelly Sullivan and soubrette Amy Spanger apply relentless energy to roles lacking logic and consistency.
While the pianola described by the soubrette remains untouchable and unseen, the performance of its description attracts and captures diverse gazes.
Ma nessuno, fra i commediografi del Settecento, capi meglio di lui il fascino delle maschere, se vero che durante tutti gli anni della sua Riforma, dal 1748 al 1753 e oltre, il vecchio Pantalone torna nelle sue commedie con un contenuto nuovo, come saggio e laborioso mercante veneziano portatore di una risentita etica ed ideologia borghese, mentre la malizia e la liberta della soubrette rivivranno nell'arguto savoir faire di Mirandolina.
Miriam Meyer as the soubrette confidante Clizia is the best actress of the lot and has a pleasing voice.
The same critic observes with regard to Suzanne: 'Sans renier jamais ses origines theatrales, Suzanne, pilier d'une structure romanesque complexe, est beaucoup plus que la soubrette de comedie' (ibid.
The actresses fight over the role of Mme Belval: one claiming that the role is meant for a fickle coquette, the other for an innocent ingenue, and the third for a wise soubrette (Journal de Paris, 24 March 1816).
The production, which featured Clara in her first leading role as a soubrette, was a great success.
Smetana wrote the leading role for a soubrette,and another major role for an actor, whocouldn't sing, but had to perform parlando, rather likeRex Harrison in My Fair Lady.
Otherwise I had a fabulous time, because the role of Cleopatra has so many different levels, from soubrette flirt through transformation into a woman in love to vocal gymnastics.
One of the many casting delights is the cameo from 80-ish soubrette Esme Melville as Mrs Jenkins ('If I were 40 years older Mrs Jenkins you'd be in real trouble