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a pert or flirtatious young girl

a minor female role as a pert flirtatious lady's maid in a comedy

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La stessa cosa accade ad Alba Parietti: sia pure giunta con un certo ritardo all'apice della carriera, grazie agli show televisivi Galagoal e Serata mondiale (dove compariva insieme alla Marini), la Parietti tenta la via del cinema erotico (o, come vogliono i realizzatori, "erotico d'autore"), con Il macellaio (1997) di Aurelio Grimaldi, che ripete, fondamentalmente, lo scarso esito degli altri film girati dalla soubrette emiliana, tra cui citiamo Abbronzatissimi (1991) di Bruno Gaburro, appartenente al filone "comico-vacanziero".
In this she played the original role of Hu Yu, one of the Mandarin's six wives, between October 1899 and December 1901, with Marie Tempest (and later, Ada Reeve) as lead soubrette (Ganzl 1:706-11, 726).
One can easily imagine the grizzled older Hugo, no chilly Parnassian, whispering this final maxim into the ears of some young soubrette.
By contrast, Stella Mayhew (born Sadie Saddler of Pittsburgh), a blackface soubrette who performed with Nora Bayes and Fanny Brice in "The Jolly Bachelors" (Broadway Theatre, 1910) as well as with Al Jolson in "Whirl of Society" (The Winter Garden, 1912), lamented how coon shouting was once primarily a vocal art:
I had my first European audition, in Amsterdam, and wound up with a job in Dessau--their soubrette had gotten pregnant, and they had just a couple of months to fmd someone to take her place.
Her light soubrette voice was ideal for three rarely-heard Mozart concert arias; the two Italian responses to a lover Vado, Ma dove and Chi sa, chi sa framing the German valediction Nehmt meinen Dank.
Knight owns a clear, bright, perky soubrette, while veteran Beeler has mellowed to a character soprano with an attractive lower register.
I also liked the sound of Soubrette, Good Little Chorus Girls and Love Among the Rich.
Forsythe displays a lovely, high, flexible voice as the frivolous young shepherdess, notably in her mournful Act II "Se mi rivolgo al prato," in which she conjures a gorgeous, white tone (she has made impressions in the past in similarly soubrette roles, such as Barba-rina in Moils' es Figaro).
While at NYCB, Ansanelli seemed a natural in soubrette roles like Swanilda (see cover story, June 2004), and quickly climbed the ranks to principal.
Among the many outstanding vocal contributions were those from Patrizia Svedberg, Nicola Wemyss, Samantha Hay, Ruth Cripps (a flirtatious soubrette presence) and Claire Hollocks.
Lisa Di Maria, typically cast as a soubrette, surprised everyone as an improbably good Rosina, nailing her two arias with panache.
France has produced many celebrated soubrette dancers--such as Zizi Jeanmaire and Colette Marchand--but apart from the unique Balanchine-oriented, Franco-American Violette Verdy and the more recently celebrated Sylvie Guillem, only two French prima ballerinas have won international accolades: Yvette Chauvire, born in 1917, and Nina Vyroubova, born four years later in the Crimea.
Nina Andreeva proved a soubrette of enchanting stage-presence in a Cimarosa item, and Hege Gustava Tjonn, flashing a winning smile and smashing legs, was secure and agile in the stratospheric coloratura of Mozart's first Queen of the Night aria (though her vibrato did tend to send internation slightly sharp).
Mojca Erdmann's squeaky soubrette Susanna was distinguished mainly by its utter lack of distinction; this insipid singer's major career remains a mystery to me.