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Synonyms for sou'wester

a strong wind from the southwest

waterproof hat with wide slanting brim longer in back than in front

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Pioneering adventures" Sou'wester Autumn 1973, vol.
RAIN swept in from the grey sea and those along the prom's Pac-a-mac and sou'wester parade found that the wide-smiling architects of North Wales had designed caf doorways to be narrower than the span of the average English umbrella.
She has published poetry in such notable anthologies as Bum Rush the Page, Breaking Ground, and The Ringing Ear, and in journals that include the Sou'wester.
In her black sou'wester she looked the epitome of the doomed angler with creel, not the unspeakably able poet writing of the silence and the thrown knives in Anthropology 101.
The image of a sou'wester is an icon of working class Newfoundland (fishermen) and has been extensively used in caricatures of Newfoundland ethnicity.
But my ashen-faced superior Hutton sent me packing with my 'Infrastructure' sou'wester to supervise the dishing-out of Kingsmill and Highland Spring.
If you time it right, a winter sou'wester will hit while you're there--shaking the Sitka spruce and kicking up whitecaps on Siletz Bay.
An unknown soldier described such an afternoon during training in October 1914: "Strong sou'wester blowing, with lashings of rain.
A ship's boy wearing a sou'wester is shown paying out a line, hand over hand.
Hinckley also sold three other Sou'wester 70 sailboats during this time period.
Sou'Wester offered one-on-one guiding from a remote lodge nestled on Loon Lake, some 100 kilometers by floatplane from any road.
His macintosh whipped around him, and his sou'wester seemed ready to fly off his head.
In addition to exceptional accommodations and gracious service, the hotel features the Forbes Four-Star Spa at Mandarin Oriental, the Southern-style restaurant Sou'Wester and the AAA Five Diamond CityZen.
There is an option of fresh lobster but you need to give a day's notice, presumably so that a fisherman can but pre get his sou'wester on and row out to his creels to find it.
Front of house manager Nathalie Wickens and the company manager Andy Ralph helped to kit Darren out with a bright yellow sou'wester for the performance, so that he blended in when Ellie was called up on stage.