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making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc

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Selection for jury service, the national lottery, drawing straws - it's all sortition.
The statistical representativeness - of Birmingham's age, gender, ethnic, social class, and residential makeup - is obviously vital, which is why BMG's first step in recruiting or replacing panellists is to send self-completion questionnaires to several thousand residents selected randomly, or by sortition, from the electoral roll.
In the past two decades, though, there have emerged other forums, based on random sampling or sortition, that are designed to be deliberative, rather than simply reactive, and thereby to make much more substantial input to the policy process.
and replaced by sortition from (probably one hundred) preselected candidates of the two highest classes of citizens.
The procedure consisted of a series of ten ballots that alternated between sortition and election.
1) As a universal system, sortition belongs to the small-scale participatory democracy of the parish, the municipality, and the historic city-state, not to the large republic.
In a representative system, the most obvious means of achieving amateurism is not sortition but term limits or part-time officeholding by people who retain their ordinary jobs.
Because random selection by its very nature seems irrational, some may reject it out of hand, but the unfathomability of sortition also makes it a tool for creating legitimacy and efficiency.
By its objectivity, sortition avoids the engagement of passions and interests.
A reformed system of presidential election could employ sortition in several ways: (1) to compose an electoral college from a larger body; (2) to eliminate names from an elected body of candidates; (3) to pick the final winner from a pool of candidates.
Thus the mere threat of decision making by sortition could become the sword that cuts Gordian knots.