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Synonyms for sortie

Synonyms for sortie

a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position

(military) an operational flight by a single aircraft (as in a military operation)

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A Casablanca, on annonce pour la semaine qui vient la sortie du film Graines de grenade de Abdellah Ferkouss.
The eight-strong sortie wouldn't have been possible without the meticulous oversight and dedication of the maintained.
On 14th March, Indian Air Force (IAF) airlifted 695 passengers from Leh and Kargil to Jammu and Srinagar and also conveyed exclusive sorties of IL 76 cargo aircraft for airlifting the civilians.
Le delai de 24h a ete necessaire afin de permettre aux controleurs de vol, aux ingenieurs et aux astronautes au sol de terminer les preparations et les repetitions de la sortie au laboratoire NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory) de la NASA a Houston, a explique la NASA.
The IAF will deploy an IL-76 today from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore to transport 350 men and 50 boats to join in the search and relief missions, and an additional 100 men and 30 boats are also being pressed into service by a sortie from Pune to Hyderabad.
The fledging air power has proven its effectiveness through the execution of combat missions in Basrah, Mosul and Sadr City, and the year-to-date tally marks for aircraft sorties broke 5,000 last June.
We have enormously complex systems in the air and on the ground, and it takes exquisite leadership and supervision to be able to take those extremely complex systems and get them airborne, to generate the sorties for combat purposes," Corley said.
From being an instructor/aircraft commander in the C-21 to a combat mission ready Instructor Pilot (IP) in the B-1, my sortie count decreased by 84 percent and hours flown decreased by 59 percent.
Pretty soon the aircraft carrier showed up and we were flying the fighter sorties off the aircraft carriers and the bomber sorties from the Indian Ocean over the middle of Afghanistan.
The purpose of this sortie was to ensure that the AMI system properly handled flight at these high latitudes.
But the tide turned after the interval with Mansfield launching sortie after sortie, but failing to unlock Rochdale's defence.
4-Ghazi : Juge sur l'ensemble de sa carriere, ce vieux cheval de metier reste en mesure de se distinguer victorieusement d'entree surtout qu'il aura pour lui son excellente derniere sortie et la qualite de son jockey du jour.
Howe, project managers at the Air Force Logistics Management Agency, examine the effect decreasing average sortie duration (ASD) would have on the cost per flying hour (CPFH) for the F-15C/D.
I had just completed my first sortie of a two sortie pit and go.
They have also denied press reports that said a Chinese Sukhoi 27 fighter jet had assumed an attack position and locked onto two Taiwanese Mirage 2000-5s during a sortie earlier this week.