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Synonyms for sorrowfulness

the state of being sad

a state of gloomy sorrow

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Filled with sorrowfulness, nuances and pathos as well as tranquility, elation and anticipation; The Dog of The World carries the reader along on a tentative journey teetering on the brink of disconcert.
My sorrowfulness knows no bounds and I can only pray that I haven't been banned from Fir Park.
It is possible to imagine that there exists an instrumental blues piece which shares an aesthetic quality - for instance, sorrowfulness - with the quoted poetic couplet.
If, for example, we read a description stating that the blues piece sounds heavy, lingering, we would then come to appreciate its sorrowfulness without having heard it.
He expressed the disappointment and sorrowfulness of the government for the deaths and said clashes occurred because protesters were targeting the prison and the Central Bank branch.