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with sadness


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Korak stood looking sorrowfully on at the tragedy he gladly would have averted.
At length she grew more calm and turning to him said sweetly, but oh so sorrowfully, as she held out her hand, "I promise you, my dear friend, that if God will let me live, I shall strive to do so.
I have not quitted you since yesterday," returned Fernand sorrowfully.
They talked sorrowfully of the death of General Montgomery and the failure of our troops to take Quebec; for the New- Englanders were now as anxious to get Canada from the English as they had formerly been to conquer it from the French.
Then we killed at his grave fifteen of our best and strongest horses, to serve him when he should arrive at the happy hunting grounds; and having done all this, we returned sorrowfully to our homes.
Frances, I fear, suffered much; a continual weight seemed to oppress her spirits; I have said she did not live in the house, and whether in her own abode, wherever that might be, she wore the same preoccupied, unsmiling, sorrowfully resolved air that always shaded her features under the roof of Mdlle.
Instead of a lonely and ragged man with a huge burden on his back, plodding along sorrowfully on foot while the whole city hooted after him, here were parties of the first gentry and most respectable people in the neighborhood setting forth towards the Celestial City as cheerfully as if the pilgrimage were merely a summer tour.
In terror she spoke; letting sink her Wings till they trailed in the dust -- In agony sobbed, letting sink her Plumes till they trailed in the dust -- Till they sorrowfully trailed in the dust.
I don't know," replied Dorothy sorrowfully, "but it is my home, and I'm sure it's somewhere.
he said, sorrowfully, "continue, I implore you, and do not drive me away.
Better die a thousand times than risk receiving an unkind look or bad opinion from him," Rostov decided; and sorrowfully and with a heart full despair he rode away, continually looking back at the Tsar, who still remained in the same attitude of indecision.
One can get out of my chambers by a back way, and I sometimes steal softly--but I can't help looking back, and there he is, and there are those haws asking sorrowfully, "Is this worthy of you?
I fear they will," said the Tin Woodman, sorrowfully.
You deserve punishment, rather than reward, for giving me this dreadful head," said the shaggy man, sorrowfully.
The "Old-Fashioned Girl" is not intended as a perfect model, but as a possible improvement upon [Page] the Girl of the Period, who seems sorrowfully ignorant or ashamed of the good old fashions which make woman truly beautiful and honored, and, through her, render home what it should be,-a happy place, where parents and children, brothers and sisters, learn to love and know and help one another.