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the process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption)

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The surfaces have higher sorption but lower dispatch in comparison with other usual sorption surfaces; therefore, these surfaces have higher efficiency in solar systems.
2) Static formaldehyde sorption from solution applying adsorbent--the following parameters are assessed while performing these experiments (Formaldehyde 2002):
Data for the sorption of water and the effect of water on the solubility and diffusivity of solvents into polyethylene were measured by three different methods: pressure decay, finite inverse gas chromatography (IGC), and the static sorption method.
straw as proxy for DOC to study OC sorption to clay subsoils varying in clay content (29-68%) and other properties.
In this study, we have used low-grade cotton as well as mature cotton, and it was observed that lowgrade cotton performs better than regular mature cotton in the oil sorption capacity.
During set up of experiment in coal's sorption capability we should take into consideration relations between main parameters of the process: adsorbent's concentration in suspension, adsorbent's dose, contact duration.
Sorption experiments were performed in triplicate and the average values of samples were presented.
He discusses assessing the effluent quality, the biosorption of Cu(II) onto agricultural materials from tropical regions, cyclic sorption and desorption of Cu(II) onto coconut shell and iron oxide coated sand, modeling the kinetics of Cu(II) bisorption onto coconut shell and Morina oleifera seeds from tropical regions, removing Cu(II) by biosorption onto coconut shell in fixed-bed column systems, and treating gold mining effluence in pilot fixed bed sorption systems.
In addition, Labcell offers a moisture sorption isotherm generation service for those customers who need this data but do not wish to purchase their own analyser.
It has been observed by several researchers that wood behaves differently during adsorption and desorption, and some of its physical and mechanical properties are influenced by the state of sorption (Goulet and Hernandez 1991; Hernandez 1993a, 1993b; Obataya et al.
AquaLab Vapor Sorption Analyzer generates both dynamic and static isotherms for new product development and shelf-life estimation at a cost of 50 to 80 percent less than competitors
Frequently, the sorption capacity of biosorbents is evaluated through batch experiments [8, 14,15] where the contact time is long enough to reach the equilibrium state.
Ideally, a getter material should be capable of the sorption of large amounts of the target contaminant, be stable during treatment processes (e.
The entire design was repeated for each SPI at 30 C, 35 C and 40 C and at 0% and 30% relative humidity to determine thermodynamic binding energies and sorption isotherms.